Supply Drop

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AllianceSupply Drop
Start Exarch Naielle [62.5, 26.2]
End Baros Alexston [41.4, 49.4]
Level 91 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 1400
Rewards 50 [Garrison Resources]
1g 18s
Previous A [91] Friend of the Exarchs


Speak with Baros Alexston at your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.


Your laborers below have finished with the harvest and are ready to cart supplies back to your garrison. Don't worry about the safety of your caravan this time; I will dispatch a rangari detail to shadow them from the woods and protect them.

The Exarchs will always watch over you.

Your supplies should be waiting for you when you return to your garrison. Good luck with your campaign, <name>!


You will receive: 50x [Garrison Resources] and 1g 18s


Commander! Zipfizzle arrived with your laborers in tow just moments ago. We've got a huge surplus of food, now, and promises of more where that came from.

Apparently the draenei threw in some other resources as well. Very good work, <sir/ma'am>. What should we build next?


  • 1400 XP


Before heading back to the garrison, this is a good time to pick up on Prophet Velen's quest, A [91] Into Twilight.


  1. A [91] Migrant Workers
  2. A [91] Circle the Wagon
  3. A [91] Invisible Ramparts
  4. A [91] Defenstrations
  5. A [91] The Exarch Council
  6. Complete all of
    • Naielle
    1. A [91] Naielle, The Rangari
    2. A [91] Fun with Fungus
    • Hataaru
    1. A [91] Hataaru, the Artificer
    2. A [91] Shut 'er Down
  7. A [91] Exarch Maladaar
  8. A [91] Trust No One
  9. A [91] Warning the Exarchs
  10. A [91] Speaker for the Dead
  11. A [91] The Traitor's True Name

Optional Garrison Follower conclusion:

  1. A [91] Friend of the Exarchs
  2. A [91] Supply Drop

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