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Surgeon Stitchflesh

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BossSurgeon Stitchflesh
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Gender Male
Race Maldraxxi scientist (Undead)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of Constructs
Location Stitchwerks, Necrotic Wake
Status Killable
Student(s) Malkrex, Sharrex (disciples)
Companion(s) Blightbone, Goregrind, Rotspew, Stitchflesh's Creations (creations)
Necrotic Wake

Surgeon Stitchflesh
Nalthor the Rimebinder



Surgeon Stitchflesh is the third boss of the Necrotic Wake.


Stitchflesh and his assistants normally operated in the Stitchyard of the House of Constructs.[1] Long ago, the surgeon worked with Rathan in the Body Banks to create the construct body for the "Slaughter Daughter" Emeni.[2]

Adventure Guide

Surgeon Stitchflesh is the mastermind behind the grisly abominations that are deployed from the floating fortress of Zolramus. He bends to his task with maniacal fervor, crafting the flesh of fallen enemies into undead constructs to be used in Maldraxxus' wars.


After his death, Stitchflesh's assistants Malkrex and Sharrex carried on his work of creating constructs from kyrian flesh, with Sharrex, in particular, claiming credit for completing the surgeon's research by creating the Soulfused Construct.[3] Even after the assistants were slain[4] and the Soulfused Construct was liberated from its creators by the Maw Walkers and their allies,[5] Stitchflesh's remaining followers continued using the late surgeon's designs for kyrian constructs until the kyrian and Necrolord covenants put a stop to it during their assault on the Construct stronghold.[6][7]


Intro - Players enter the Stitchwerks
Nalthor the Rimebinder says: We have all the corpses we need, Stitchflesh. Prepare to strike at the next temple.
Surgeon Stitchflesh says: Just a moment longer. It seems that the parts for my new creation have arrived at last...
Trash cleared - Separation Assistant and Stitching Assistant spawn
Come, my assistants! These raw materials are in need of processing!
Assistants slain - Goregrind becomes attackable
Incompetent oafs! Goregrind! Try not to damage those limbs whilst you tear them off.
Goregrind slain - Rotspew becomes attackable
How vexing. Rotspew! Get to work, and don't fail me like your predecessor!
Rotspew slain - First Stitchflesh's Creation becomes attackable
No! Now I have to rebuild those two from scratch! It seems I must take matters into my own hands.
I can't wait to put your corpse to use.
I'll have you in stitches!
Embalming Ichor
I must preserve your parts for later!
Meat Hook
Imbecile! I'm the one who made you!
Morbid Fixation (human)
Simple in construction, but vast in potential!
Morbid Fixation (dwarf)
Stout and strong, a prime candidate for infantry!
Morbid Fixation (gnome)
Small hands, big eyes. Yes, yes yes! Perfect for detail work.
Morbid Fixation (night elf)
Impressive ears! Those are so hard to find.
Morbid Fixation (draenei)
Tendrils and tails. Ooh, I can use those.
Morbid Fixation (worgen)
Parts that can transform? Two for one! Genius!
Morbid Fixation (orc)
Those shoulders could accommodate so many arms!
Morbid Fixation (undead)
Ah, your decay has already begun. A good head start!
Morbid Fixation (troll)
Such potent regeneration! Oooh, I must have it!
Morbid Fixation (tauren)
Horns on the head, uh I love it.
Morbid Fixation (blood elf)
Lithe, but brimming with arcane energy! Oooh, ah, wonderful!
Morbid Fixation (goblin)
Ha ha! Compact. And already green! Yes! That will save some time.
My greatest... was yet... to come....


Item Type
Normal Heroic
Spare Meat Hook Spare Meat Hook#Heroic Trinket
Encrusted Canopic Lid Encrusted Canopic Lid#Heroic Shield
Vile Butcher's Pauldrons Vile Butcher's Pauldrons#Heroic Plate shoulders
Freshly Embalmed Jerkin Freshly Embalmed Jerkin#Heroic Leather chest
Gory Surgeon's Gloves Gory Surgeon's Gloves#Heroic Cloth hands
Satchel of Misbegotten Minions Satchel of Misbegotten Minions#Heroic Trinket
Striders of Restless Malice Striders of Restless Malice#Heroic Mail feet
Stitchflesh's Scalpel Stitchflesh's Scalpel#Heroic Dagger

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