Surgical Assistant

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MobSurgical Assistant
Image of Surgical Assistant
Race Undead gnome (Undead)
Level 79-80 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Abomination Wing, Naxxramas

Surgical Assistants are leper gnomes who are in the service of the Scourge.


  • [Mind Flay] a random person in the raid, chaining to up to 4 nearby players.


Groups consist of:

  1. Focus damage on the monstrosity as its totem seems to cause the most damage - hunters perhaps focus on these.
  2. Focus next on the assistants, single target assisting.
  3. Focus on the remaining Scientists, again single target damage.


  • There is no way players can interrupt their mind flay because they are immune to stuns, [Counterspell], and [Silence] effects. Only killing them works.

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