Surrender to the Horde

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HordeSurrender to the Horde
Start Rokag
End Rilak the Redeemed
Level 63 (Requires 62)
Experience 10400
Reputation Lower City +75
Rewards 2g 30s
Next N [62] The Eyes of Skettis


Rokag wants you to seek out Rilak the Redeemed in Shattrath and demand that he and his people surrender to the Horde.


The cowardly arakkoa attack us daily. They ambush our hunters and sometimes even raid inside our walls. We kill them when we can, but their magic is strong and they often escape our warbands.

I have learned that some arakkoa claim to be friendly with the Horde. They live in Shattrath City to the northwest. Rilak the Redeemed is their leader. Search for him in the Lower City, and when you find him, demand his surrender.


Your people are angry but there is little I can do. Some of us have been touched by the power of the Naaru and we are forever changed. Those of us who remain in the wild are as we have always been.


You will be rewarded with: