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HordeSuspicious Hoofprints
Start Hoofprints
End Krog
Level 15-30
Category Dustwallow Marsh
Experience 1350 EXP (or 8s 40c at level 70)
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [15-30] Suspicious Hoofprints.


Report about the suspicious prints at the Shady Rest Inn to Krog in Brackenwall Village.


Rows of hoofprints lead away from the still-smoking skeleton of the Shady Rest Inn. There are at least a few visible impressions, with more rows of prints almost imperceptible in the soft mud of the marsh.


Hoofprints... It could have been the quilboar, I suppose. Or maybe even the centaur. Their presence in the Barrens is not insignificant, and I would not think it a stretch to commit such an act.

Did I tell you? It wasn't just that the inn was burned down... The owner's woman and pup were killed. Bad business, that.

Nonetheless, I will send Kagoro to find where the tracks lead.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1350 XP (or 8s 40c at level 70)


Completion scene
Krog says: Kagoro, I require your presence!
Krog says: Go to the Shady Rest Inn and follow the tracks. See where they lead and report back to me.
Kagoro says: Understood. I will return shortly.


This is part of The Shady Rest Inn quest chain.

Patch changes[]

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Given new ID, numbers adjusted to new leveling path.

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