Sylvar concept.jpg
sylvar concept
Faction/Affiliation Night Fae Covenant, Court of Night, Wild Hunt
Character classes Hunter, Archer, Tracker, Trapper
Racial leader(s) IconSmall WinterQueen.gif Winter Queen
Racial mount IconSmall Runestag.gif Runestag
Homeworld Shadowlands
Environment Forests, groves
Area(s) Ardenweald

The sylvar (also pluralized as sylvari)[1][2] are a satyr-like race of the Night Fae Covenant in Ardenweald. Graceful and loyal, the sylvar serve as crafters and enchanters who create tools, foci, and magical objects to maintain the ebb and flow of existence in Ardenweald.[3]


Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Ara'lon Member of the Wild Hunt Deceased Tirna Noch, Ardenweald
Neutral  Niya Protector of Heartwood Grove Alive Ardenweald
Neutral  Lumera Member of the Wild Hunt Unknown Ardenweald


  • Sylvar use the female draenei skeleton.
  • Concept art refers to them as fauns.[4]
    • Early Warcraft III and Warcraft RPG lore describe dryads as having the lower body of "woodland fauns".[5][6][7][8] In Cataclysm, Shael'dryn uses "faun" as a term for young dryads.[9] Based on the context, these uses of "faun" may simply be a misspelling of fawn, a juvenile deer.
    • In Roman mythology, fauns are the equivalent of the Greek satyrs, i.e bipeds with goat-like legs and horns on their heads.
    • The sylvar may be a reference to the sylphs in Modern Occultism as "air elementals" invented by Paracelsus likely from the term nympha silvestris (forest nymph) in the Aeniad; "Sylvar" would roughly mean "of the forest".


World of Warcraft
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