• Rank 2
  • Synapse Springs
  • Requires Engineering
  • Tool:
     [Arclight Spanner]
  • Reagents:
  • Permanently attaches synapse springs to your gloves, allowing you to increase your highest primary statistic by 1920 for 10 sec. The gloves can be activated every minute.

    Requires at least 550 skill in Engineering to use.
  • Cast time: 5 sec

Synapse Springs is an Engineer-only permanent "enchant" to gloves. This item may be used alongside a normal enchant on the same pair of gloves.

When used, it increases either Agility, Intellect or Strength for 10 seconds, depending on what stat is highest.


It's taught by engineering trainers for 5g. Learning this will replace the  [Synapse Springs].

Materials required:
Inv misc enggizmos 17.png 1x [Tinker's Kit]


Because it does not trigger the global cooldown, it can be macroed into damage abilities to provide a passive damage boost. For example, a Fire Mage can use the following macro:

#showtooltip Fireball
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/use 10
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show()
/cast Fireball

This macro will attempt to use synapse springs (the gloves on which they are attached have the item slot number 10) whenever the Mage casts [Fireball]. A few commands are necessary to hide the error messages that will be displayed when the ability is on cooldown. It is also advised to turn off the error sounds from the sound configuration panel.

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