Image of T'paartos
Gender Male
Race Lightforged draenei (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Army of the Light, Alliance
Location Various
Status Alive
Companion(s) Ika

“The Light has always been with T'paartos! He will NEVER abandon the Light!”

— T'paartos becoming a Lightforged draenei

T'paartos as a young boy.

T'paartos is a Lightforged draenei located aboard the Vindicaar as a new trainee in the Army of the Light, formerly from the draenei who originally settled in Draenor. While undertaking the trials to become a Lightforged, he faced his memories and fears in the Forge of Aeons area.


Originally, T'paartos was apparently part of the group of draenei who crash-landed with the Genedar on Argus with Prophet Velen. As a child, T'paartos lived near a marsh on Draenor where he was bullied for being fat and simple-minded. He would befriend animals such as frogs, elekk, and bugs, but never snakes. When he was scared he would hide in a cave, but on one situation ended up facing an angered earth elemental. He felt no one could hurt him if he remained alone.[1]

T'paartos raised an elekk named Ika when its mother was killed. As an adult, he became stronger but grew boastful of his strength (something he later found embarrassing). He never got over his fear of snakes, and still felt inadequate inside. He, however, faced many demons as a member of the Army of the Light.

As part of his trial to become Lightforged, T'paartos faced his memories and fears, striking down physical manifestations of them. His Lightforged trial with him confronting T'paartos the Fallen, an image of his darkness who tempted him to leave the Light behind and embrace the fel. T'paartos, declaring that the Light had always been with him, conquered his darkness, slaying his fallen counterpart, and in the process successfully became Lightforged.[1]

Afterwards, Turalyon mentioned that T'paartos would serve their people's cause well, and the enthusiastic draenei can occasionally be seen departing the Vindicaar through the portal to Stormwind City, shouting his own name as he seemingly becomes an adventurer.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Vindicaar 110 29,419,571
A [45-60] Forge of Aeons (Child) 110 1,470,979
T'paartos the Fallen 110 32,361,528


  • Mighty Punch - Strikes the target with a strong punch for Physical damage.


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T'paartos before he became Lightforged.

  • T'paartos?
  • T'paartos greets puny one.
  • Puny one needs something of T'paartos?
  • Danger? T'paartos scoffs at danger!
  • Light be with you, friend.
  • T'paartos is ready!
  • Puny one is not trying to take advantage of T'paartos' good nature... are you?
  • Sure, T'paartos has read books. Books with few words and many pictures... but they still count.
  • List of things T'paartos does not like: snakes, mean children, snakes, dark caves, snakes... and puny ones who pester T'paartos.
  • They appear to have all fallen for my act! I find it extraordinary that they believe I could be so simple-minded as to... Wait, you mean they can hear me? I, uh... T'paartos!
  • Two pairs of toes. Two pairs o' toes. T'pairs o'toes. T'pair o'toes. T'paar o'toes. T'paartoes. T'paartos. T'paartos!
  • T'paartos.
  • T'paartos will see you soon.
  • T'paartos has much to do.
  • T'paartos must get back to work now.
  • Come back to T'paartos anytime.
  • T'paartos is proud to be Lightforged!
  • T'paartos is still slightly afraid of snakes.
  • T'paartos!


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