Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

Set Details

Card Totals

Total Cards: 3 (2+1)

  • 2 Commons
  • 0 Uncommons
  • 0 Rares
  • 0 Epics
  • 0 Heroes
  • 1 Loot Cards
  • 0 Oversized Heroes

Each World of Warcraft Minatures Game Spoils of War booster pack contained a Crafting card plus a promo card, some packs had a loot card instead.


The numbering is based on a priority of:

  1. Allies
    1. Alliance Allies
    2. Horde Allies

Each section is then ordered alphabetically.


Number Name Type Side Class Race
101 Gladiator Keward Ally Alliance 15.gif Warrior IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif
146 Rorga Trueshot Ally Horde 15.gif Hunter IconSmall Orc Male.gif

Loot Cards

Loot001 [Sandbox Tiger]AllyNeutral
Loot003 [Foam Sword Rack]AbilityNeutral