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Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

Card Totals[]

Total Cards: 234

  • 234 Numbered Cards
    • ? Commons
    • ? Uncommons
      • including 18 Heroes
    • ? Rares
    • 2 Epics

18 Starter Decks, 1 for each class and faction, comprising of 60 cards plus hero card. each deck's content is fixed to enable the deck to played straight out of the box.

An intertesing fact is each deck also include a hero card for the other faction as well, so if you buy a Horde Druid deck it would also include an Alliance Druid hero card as well.

Apart from the 8 Exclusive cards which have never appeared before in the game, all the remaining cards are updated reprints from Heroes of Azeroth up to Fields of Honour sets.

Each deck also includes a 4 card sampler pack from the Archives set, three foil cards and either a crafting card or a loot card.


The numbering is based on a priority of:

  1. Exclusive Cards
    1. Allies
      1. Alliance
      2. Horde
    2. Quests
      1. Horde
      2. Alliance
  2. Heroes
    1. Alliance
    2. Horde
  3. Abilities
    1. Class Abilities
      1. Druid Abilities
      2. Hunter Abilities and Pets
      3. Mage Abilities
      4. Paladin Abilities
      5. Priest Abilities
      6. Rogue Abilities
      7. Shaman Abilities
      8. Warlock Abilities and Pets
      9. Warrior Abilities
  4. Allies
    1. Alliance Allies
    2. Horde Allies
    3. Neutral Allies
  5. Equipment
    1. Armor
    2. Items
    3. Weapons
  6. Quests
    1. Neutral Quests

Each section is then ordered alphabetically.

Card List[]

Exclusive cards[]

1Magni, Lord of IronforgeAllyAlliance
2Sylvanas, Lady of UndercityAllyHorde
3The Defense of Grom'golQuestHorde
4Journey to the CrossroadsQuestHorde
5Message to Freewind PostQuestHorde
6Journey to AstranaarQuestAlliance
7Redridge RendezvousQuestAlliance
8report to GoldshireQuestAlliance



Number Name Health Spec Class Race
10 Fillet, Kneecapper Extraordinaire 30 Fury Warrior IconSmall Gnome Male
11 Graccus 29 Protection Paladin IconSmall Human Male
13 Loraala the Frigid 25 Frost Mage IconSmall Draenei Female
14 Marlowe Christophers 28 destruction Warlock IconSmall Human Male
15 Mythen of the Wild 27 restoration Druid IconSmall NightElf Male
16 Timmo Shadestep 27 Assassination Rogue IconSmall Gnome Male
17 Zaritha 28 Restoration Shaman IconSmall Draenei Female


Number Name Health Spec Class Race
18 "Bonewall" Simms 30 Protection Warrior IconSmall Undead Male
19 Forang Deathrattle 28 Affliction Warlock IconSmall Orc Male
20 Grennan Stormspeaker 29 Elemental Shaman IconSmall Tauren Male
21 Hekto Starspire 29 Retribution Paladin IconSmall BloodElf Male
23 Morova of the Sands 28 Balance Druid IconSmall Tauren Female
24 Ravenna 27 Subtlety Rogue IconSmall BloodElf Female
26 Ta'zo 25 Fire Mage IconSmall Troll Male


Number Name Type Faction Class
027 Energize Ability Neutral Druid
028 Entangling Roots Ability Neutral Druid
029 Healing Touch Ability Neutral Druid
030 Innervate Ability Neutral Druid
031 Mark of the Wild Ability Neutral Druid
032 The Natural Order Ability Neutral Druid
033 Regrowth Ability Neutral Druid
034 Starfire Ability Neutral Druid
035 Starshot Ability Neutral Druid
036 Wrath Ability Neutral Druid
047 Arcane Missiles Ability Neutral Mage
048 Counterspell Ability Neutral Mage
049 Fire Blast Ability Neutral Mage
050 Fire Ball Ability Neutral Mage
051 Frost Bolt Ability Neutral Mage
052 Frost Nova Ability Neutral Mage
053 Ice Lance Ability Neutral Mage
054 Mana Agate Ability Neutral Mage
055 Polymorph Ability Neutral Mage
056 Scorch Ability Neutral Mage
057 Sear Ability Neutral Mage
058 Blessing of Protection Ability Neutral Paladin
059 Blessing of Wisdom Ability Neutral Paladin
060 Clense Ability Neutral Paladin
061 Consecration Ability Neutral Paladin
062 Hammer of Justice Ability Neutral Paladin
063 Holy Light Ability Neutral Paladin
064 Redemption Ability Neutral Paladin
065 Righteous Vengeance Ability Neutral Paladin
066 Vindictive Strike Ability Neutral Paladin
081 Backstab Ability Neutral Rogue
082 Coup de Grace Ability Neutral Rogue
083 Dead weight Ability Neutral Rogue
084 Dismantle Ability Neutral Rogue
085 Distract Ability Neutral Rogue
086 Gouge Ability Neutral Rogue
087 Prey on the Weak Ability Neutral Rogue
088 Sap Ability Neutral Rogue
089 Sinister Strike Ability Neutral Rogue
090 Slay the Feeble Ability Neutral Rogue
091 Chain Heal Ability Neutral Shaman
092 Chain Lightning Ability Neutral Shaman
093 Earth's Bounty Ability Neutral Shaman
094 Earth Shock Ability Neutral Shaman
095 Energized Ability Neutral Shaman
096 Frost Shock Ability Neutral Shaman
097 Healing Wave Ability Neutral Shaman
098 Lightning Arc Ability Neutral Shaman
099 Lightning Bolt Ability Neutral Shaman
100 Natural Conduit Ability Neutral Shaman
101 Purge Ability Neutral Shaman
102 Angrida Pet Neutral Warlock
103 Curse of Agony Ability Neutral Warlock
104 Fear Ability Neutral Warlock
105 Hellfire Ability Neutral Warlock
106 Immolate Ability Neutral Warlock
107 Incinerate Ability Neutral Warlock
108 Life Tap Ability Neutral Warlock
109 Morfiel Pet Neutral Warlock
110 Sarmoth Pet Neutral Warlock
111 Shadow Bolt Ability Neutral Warlock
112 Soul Inversion Ability Neutral Warlock
113 Soulstone Ability Neutral Warlock
114 Steal Essence Ability Neutral Warlock
115 Battle Shout Ability Neutral Warrior
116 Charge Ability Neutral Warrior
117 Execute Ability Neutral Warrior
118 Heroic Strike Ability Neutral Warrior
119 Intercept Ability Neutral Warrior
120 Intervene Ability Neutral Warrior
121 Taunt Ability Neutral Warrior
122 Thunder Clap Ability Neutral Warrior
123 Whirlwind Ability Neutral Warrior


124Alamira Grovetender AllyAlliance
125Anduros Silversong AllyAlliance
126Anika Berlyn AllyAlliance
127Apprentice Teep AllyAlliance
128Bizzazz AllyAlliance
129Braxiss the Sleeper AllyAlliance
130Cerwyn AllyAlliance
131Gareth Ironshot AllyAlliance
133Guruvan AllyAlliance
134Hailey Goodchilde AllyAlliance
135Hannah the Unstoppable AllyAlliance
136Horatio Plaguetouch AllyAlliance
137Jewelcrafter Zanaz AllyAlliance
138Jonas Taran AllyAlliance
139Kinivus AllyAlliance
140Kor Cindervein AllyAlliance
141Lady Courtney Noel AllyAlliance
142Lafiel AllyAlliance
143Latro Abiectus AllyAlliance
144Liba Wobblebonk AllyAlliance
146Moira Darkheart AllyAlliance
147Olaf Steelbreaker AllyAlliance
148Orono the Great AllyAlliance
149Parren Shadowshot AllyAlliance
150Petreus Roffe AllyAlliance
151Priestess Katianna AllyAlliance
152Randipan AllyAlliance
153Rayne Savageboon AllyAlliance
154Rodrigo AllyAlliance
156Scaramanga AllyAlliance
157"Scrapper" Ironbane AllyAlliance
158Sha'lin Nightwind AllyAlliance
159Trixie Boltclunker AllyAlliance
160Valanos AllyAlliance
161Varah, Fury of the Stars AllyAlliance
162Vesperia Silversong AllyAlliance
163Vindicator Enkallus AllyAlliance
164“Acid Hands” McGuillicutty AllyHorde
165Alecia Hall AllyHorde
166Araelun AllyHorde
167”Batter Brains” McGillicutty AllyHorde
168Benethor DraigoAllyHorde
169Besora Galefeather AllyHorde
170Bloodblade AllyHorde
171Bloodsoul AllyHorde
172Boum Headshot AllyHorde
173Captain Swash AllyHorde
174Confessor MildredAllyHorde
175Dawn Ravensdale AllyHorde
176Drusenna the VigilantAllyHorde
177Firewarden Wyland Kaslinth AllyHorde
178"Fungus Face" McGillicutty AllyHorde
179Gartok SkullsplitterAllyHorde
180Gurzuk AllyHorde
181Huro'shal Gutwrench AllyHorde
182Kagra of the CrossroadsAllyHorde
183Karkas DeathhowlAllyHorde
185Kelvor Valorshine AllyHorde
184Karrok Scarrend AllyHorde
185Kelvor Valorshine AllyHorde
186Kurao Stormheart AllyHorde
187Mias the PutridAllyHorde
188Moko Hunts-at-DawnAllyHorde
189Orion AllyHorde
190Ra’za Wildstorm AllyHorde
191Raztu'jor AllyHorde
192Scout Omerrta AllyHorde
193Sister Rot AllyHorde
194Skronk Skullseeker AllyHorde
195Taz'dingo AllyHorde
196Tyrennius Scatheblade AllyHorde
197Vaerik ProudhoofAllyHorde
198Vanda Skydaughter AllyHorde
199Vesh'ral AllyHorde
200Waz'luk AllyHorde
201Zari'zari AllyHorde
202Zi'mo AllyHorde
203Zygore BladebreakerAllyHorde


204Bloodbane's FallArmorNeutral
205Bonefist GauntletsArmorNeutral
206Draconian DeflectorArmorNeutral
207Golem Skull HelmArmorNeutral
209Ornate Adamantium BreastplateArmorNeutral
210Slayer's WristguardArmorNeutral
212Arcanite ReaperWeaponNeutral
214Barman ShankerWeaponNeutral
216Crimson ShockerWeaponNeutral
217Fel Iron Hatchet WeaponNeutral
218King's DefenderWeaponNeutral
219Perdition’s BladeWeaponNeutral
221Scarlet KrisWeaponNeutral
222scimitar of the Nexus StalkersWeaponNeutral


224Bane of the Illidari QuestNeutral
225Dr. Boom! QuestNeutral
226The Fel and the Furious QuestNeutral
227Gahz'ridian QuestNeutral
230The Unending Invasion QuestNeutral
231Wanted: Durn the Hungerer QuestNeutral
232You Are Rakh'likh, Demon QuestNeutral
233Your Fortune Awaits You QuestNeutral
234Zapped Giants QuestNeutral