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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

This is a listing of token cards offered by Upper Deck Entertainment for the TCG.

Token 1Mechanical YetiAllyNeutral
Token 2DwarfAllyAlliance
Token 3MishaAllyHorde
Token 4Fel ReaverAllyNeutral
Token 5Fire ElementalAllyNeutral
Token 6Earth ElementalAllyNeutral
Token 7TreantAllyNeutral
Token 8Draenei SurvivorAllyNeutral
Token 9ToogaAllyNeutral
Token 10NagaAllyNeutral
Token 11Snake TokenAllyNeutral
Token 12BearAllyNeutral
Token 13BoarAllyNeutral
Token 14Skeleton TokenAllyNeutral
Token 15Mechanical DragonlingAllyNeutral
Token 17Ringo TokenAllyNeutral
BlizzCon 2007MrglrglmrglmrrrlgggAllyNeutral