Ta'mil Nadu

Neutral 32.pngTa'mil Nadu
Ta'mil Nadu.jpg
Image of Ta'mil Nadu
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 35-50
Class Shaman (formerly)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Former occupation(s) Miner
Location Cracked Coast, Vol'dun[27.6, 69.8]
Status Alive

Ta'mil Nadu is a blind Zandalari troll standing inside a gem-filled cave in the southern part of the Cracked Coast in Vol'dun. Long ago, he used to be a miner and a shaman. He would tell the spirits what metals he needed and why he needed them, and they would bring what they could to the surface for him.[1] Now, however, the spirits no longer listen to him[2] and tell him that he will soon die.[1] Thus, he created a platinum map marked with his location and hid it where only someone who could help him would find it.[2]

When adventurers find the map and seek out Ta'mil, he informs them that he wants to see the sunset one last time before he passes. He asks them to bring him platinum nuggets for an enchantment, and in return he will teach them what he knows about mining the metal. After adventurers bring him the platinum, he casts an incantation that creates a pair of platinum eyeballs, restoring his sight. As promised, Ta'mil then thanks the heroes by teaching them his secrets to harvesting platinum.[2]




You are a long way from home, <race>.

I will ask de spirits to watch over you while you are in Vol'dun, but I should warn you, dey do not listen to me anymore.

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