Tabard of the Argent Dawn

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The Tabard of the Argent Dawn

The subject of this article or section was part of the Scourge Invasion, a two-time world event that heralded the opening of Naxxramas in patch 1.11, and the opening of Northrend in patch 3.0.2.

The Tabard of the Argent Dawn is a tabard given to those who aid the Argent Dawn in the fight against the Scourge Invasion.

Acquiring this tabard awarded the Feat of Strength  Tabard of the Argent Dawn.


Tabard of the Argent Dawn is bought from any Argent Quartermaster in your faction's major cities and Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands for a cost of 8 Necrotic Rune.


  • This is the same tabard that was available via a quest in the first Scourge Invasion.

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