Taerar's Fall

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NeutralTaerar's Fall
Start Ysondre
End Ysondre
Level 40 (Requires 38)
Category Feralas
Experience 4,370
Previous Ysondre's Call
Next Ysondre's Farewell


Defeat Taerar.

  • Defeat Taerar


Emeriss and Lethon are gone. It's only us left now. I can hide from this no longer. All I did while a part of that brood... all the suffering I've caused... must be repaid today.

I am still weak, <name>. I cannot assume my true form even if I dare try. But I will still stand beside you in battle.

If you are prepared, I will call Taerar to us. He will be unable to resist the temptation of revisiting corruption upon me.


It is done.

This land that has suffered so much can rest now.



After accepting the quest, Ysondre summons Taerar and they have the following dialogue:

Ysondre yells: Come forth, Taerar! I stand before you!
Taerar yells: I knew you'd return, Ysondre... It was only a matter of time...
Ysondre says: I've returned only to end this, Taerar. This land will finally have peace.
Taerar says: Peace? PEACE?
Taerar yells: Peace is but a fleeting dream! Let the NIGHTMARE reign!

After Taerar is defeated:

Taerar yells: My essence... will... persist...


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