NeutralTaking Charge
Start Kor'vas Bloodthorn [59.3, 57.6]
End Kor'vas Bloodthorn [74.4, 41.2]
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Experience 1,650
Rewards 1g 94s
Previous N Demon hunter [45] An Urgent Message
Next N Demon hunter [45] Scouting Party
N Demon hunter [45] Operation: Portals


Talk to Kyra Lightblade and choose to fly down to Mardum.

  • Travel to Mardum


Mardum has been quiet for months. I wonder why the Legion is attacking us now? Could be in retaliation for destroying their battleship on the Broken Shore...

We had better head down ourselves and save the day, don't you agree?


You will receive:

  • 1g 94s
  • 1,650 XP


Good, you made it.


Quest accept
Kor'vas Bloodthorn yells: Illidari! We are needed on Mardum. Move out!
Kor'vas and several Illidari Veterans and Illidari Enforcers move out.
Speaking with Kyra
Gossip Take me down to the surface.
On landing
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: Vandel! We have answered your call for aid. What has happened?
Vandel says: Kor'vas! Slayer! All was quiet until recently. Suddenly Legion portals appeared and we were fighting for our lives! Most of our scouts are missing.
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: We will find them. And what of Lady S'theno?
Vandel says: She made a few snide comments regarding our vigilance and then left on her own. I haven't seen her since.


  1. N Demon hunter [45] An Urgent Message
  2. N Demon hunter [45] Taking Charge
  3. N Demon hunter [45] Scouting Party & N Demon hunter [45] Operation: Portals
  4. N Demon hunter [45] Defense of the Fel Hammer
  5. N Demon hunter [45] We Must be Prepared!
  6. Complete all of:
  7. N Demon hunter [45] Return of the Slayer
  8. N Demon hunter [45] Champion: Lady S'theno

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