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HordeTaking Out the Tidecaller
Start Nisha
End Nisha
Level 40-70
Category Allied Races
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous H [40-70] We'll Use Their Weapons, H [40-70] Explosions Always Work, H [40-70] Destroying the Source
Next H [40-70] Threat Contained


Tidecaller Nezara

Tidecaller Nezara
Leader of the Nazeshi naga that are invading the shores of Zuldazar.

Kill Tidecaller Nezara.

  • Tidecaller Nezara slain


Nezara's shield might be down, but that doesn't mean she's defenseless.

There's a brute by her side that may cause trouble. I'll take a stab at him so you can take down the Tidecaller.


You will receive:

  • 46g 80s


You do good work, <name>. Always a pleasure.


Nisha vs Nazeshi Tidebreaker

Nisha fighting the tidebreaker

On accept, Nisha equips a pair of naga daggers and starts following the player around.

Nisha says: Let's slay that slimy sea witch and end this invasion!

Tidecaller Nezara can be found alongside a Nazeshi Tidebreaker in a pavilion in the southeastern part of the shallows. As soon as you engage Nezara, Nisha will jump up on the tidebreaker and start stabbing it repeatedly, allowing you to focus on the Tidecaller.

Nisha yells: This one's mine! Taste my blades, tidebreaker!

Before long, Nisha will kill the brute and join you in finishing off Nezara.

Nisha says: Who knew killing naga could be so fun?

Once Nezara is dead as well, talk to Nisha again to turn in.


  1. H [40-70] Guests at Grommash Hold
  2. H [40-70] A Declaration of Intent
  3. H [40-70] New Allies, New Problems
  4. H [40-70] No Problem Too Small
  5. H [40-70] Where Are the Workers?
  6. H [40-70] A Little Goodwill, H [40-70] Worthwhile Repairs & H [40-70] Peon Promotions!
  7. H [40-70] A Party in Your Honor
  8. H [40-70] Strength and Honor
  9. H [40-70] Job's Done
  10. H [40-70] On the Outskirts
  11. H [40-70] We'll Use Their Weapons, H [40-70] Explosions Always Work & H [40-70] Destroying the Source
  12. H [40-70] Taking Out the Tidecaller
  13. H [40-70] Threat Contained
  14. H [40-70] Meet with Meerah
  15. H [40-70] The Vintner's Assistants
  16. H [40-70] Playing to Their Strengths
  17. H [40-70] A Particular Process
  18. H [40-70] Fermented for the Horde
  19. H [40-70] Sip and Savor
  20. H [40-70] Awaiting Our Arrival
  21. H [40-70] New Allies Among Us

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