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Tal'doren in the Blackwald.

Tal'doren, also known as "the wild home", is located in the eastern section of the Blackwald in southern Gilneas. According to Belysra Starbreeze long ago, the tree was home to Druids of the Pack[1] - who later became the original worgen - before they were imprisoned within the Emerald Dream, sleeping under a tree identical to this one, but not before their curse spread to others.[2]

During the invasion of Gilneas, Darius Crowley and other Gilnean worgen were here, along with the night elves Talran of the Wild, Vassandra Stormclaw, and Lyros Swiftwind. They were surrounded by feral worgen, whom Darius was capturing so that they could use the moonwells within Tal'doren to bring balance between human reason and wolf instinct.[3]

The Emerald Dream counterpart of this area is called Daral'nir.[4] According to Darius' words, while within Tal'doren, the mindless state of mindless worgen is temporarily soothed if they have not reached the final stages to the point that they cannot be saved.







Belysra Starbreeze appears to claim the Druids of the Pack called Tal'doren home in ancient Gilneas. This is incompatible with the rest of current lore:

  • The Pack Form was not used until after the Sundering, which divided the continents. Tal'doren is on the Eastern Kingdoms, while the Druids of the Pack were on Kalimdor.[5][6]
  • The Pack Form was banned 9,300 years ago during the War of the Satyr,[5] and there have been no known Druids of the Pack since.
  • The Druids of the Pack were banished against their will to Daral'nir in the Emerald Dream, not Tal'doren.[6][5] The banishment itself took place in Ashenvale, on the other side of the world.[7]
  • By the time Ralaar's and his followers were imprisoned, they were no longer using pack form and had become Worgen instead.[7]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Belysra may have been knowingly lying. She was present in Ashenvale when the Druids of the Pack became the Druids of the Scythe, and when they were banished to Daral'nir, so could not have been misinformed. She may be an unreliable narrator, as already shown when comparing the true story in Curse of the Worgen to what she tells the player. By claiming knowledge of Gilneas surpassing even the Gilneans, she asserts dominance and trustworthiness. She also omits the true risks of the Ritual of Balance to those taking it.
  • Belysra may have misspoken. She may be referring to Daral'nir as Tal'doren as it is the physical counterpart on Azeroth to Daral'nir, and using 'home' instead of 'prison'. This would actually mean "Tal'doren's spiritual counterpart, Daral'nir, was once a prison to an order of druids who once took the form of wolves." which would be true.

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