Zone map

The Talador storyline is the level-up experience in Talador in southern Draenor.

Main storyline

Establishing your Outpost

Much like in Gorgrond where players had the choice of a lumber mill or a sparring arena and got a different quest chain for each, the same applies here in Talador. This time, the choice is an artillery tower or a mage tower:

  1. B [20-40] News from Talador
  2. A [20-40] The Critical Path / H [20-40] It's a Matter of Strategy
  3. B [20-40] At Your Command
Artillery tower
  1. B [20-40] The Quarry Quandary
  2. A [20-40] In Ared's Memory / H [20-40] Unleashed Steel
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [20-40] Going to the Gordunni
  5. B [20-40] Dropping Bombs
  6. Complete all of:
  7. B [20-40] The Lord of the Gordunni
  8. B [20-40] The Only Way to Travel
  9. B [20-40] Armor Up (optional)
Mage tower
  1. B [20-40] An Audience With The Archmage
  2. B [20-40] Making Acquaintances
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [20-40] Next Steps
  5. B [20-40] The Foot of the Fortress
  6. B [20-40] Dropping In
  7. Complete all of:
  8. B [20-40] The Final Step
  9. B [20-40] Due Cause to Celebrate
  10. B [20-40] Joining the Ranks (optional)

The Plight of the Arakkoa

News that the draenei settlement of Aruuna has been set alight by the arakkoa, the adventurer is tasked to investigate. However, things are not as they seem with one of the quest givers, and a schism in arakkoa culture is about to be ripped wide open.

  1. N [20-40] As the Smoke Rises (optional breadcrumb)
  2. N [20-40] Pyrophobia
  3. N [20-40] What the Draenei Found
  4. N [20-40] Kura's Vengeance

The Battle for Shattrath

The Iron Horde are making a move on Shattrath, so help put a stop to it.

  1. B [20-40] One Step Ahead
  2. B [20-40] Through the Looking Glass
  3. Complete all of:
  4. Complete all of:
  5. B [20-40] An Eye for a Spy
  6. B [20-40] Born to Shred
  7. B [20-40] Engineering Her Demise
  8. B [20-40] Khadgar's Plan
  9. B [20-40] The Battle for Shattrath

In the Shadows of Auchindoun

The Shadow Council has ushered in the Burning Legion to attack Auchindoun, in an attempt to gather more souls for Teron'gor to consume. The Auchenai will not stand for this, and it is up to the adventurer to help fend the demons off.

  1. A [20-40] Speaker for the Dead / H [20-40] The Lady of Light
  2. Complete all of:
    1. B [20-40] Powering the Defenses
    2. N [20-40] We Must Construct Additional Pylons & N [20-40] Nightmare in the Tomb
  3. A [20-40] Light's Rest / H [20-40] Sunsworn Camp
  4. Complete all of:
  5. B [20-40] Scheduled Pickup
  6. N [20-40] Restalaan, Captain of the Guard
  7. N [20-40] The Final Piece
  8. N [20-40] Changing the Tide
  9. N [20-40] Desperate Measures
  10. N [20-40] Into the Heart of Madness
  11. B [20-40] Destination: Unknown
  12. N [20-40] Together We Are Strong
  13. B [20-40] Come Together

Side quests

Jorune Mine

In an effort to gather more defense crystals for the Burning Front, the adventurer is dispatched to Jorune Mine, north of Auchindoun. There, something has gotten out of control with an exceedingly large and powerful arcane crystal, which is flooding the mine with arcane energy and sending all of the elementals into a frenzy.

  1. B [20-40] Every Bit Counts
  2. N [20-40] Trouble In The Mine
  3. Complete both:
  4. B [20-40] An'dure The Giant
  5. B [20-40] Kaelynara Sunchaser