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Not to be confused with Tamanji.
Image of Talanji
Title Queen of Zandalar[1]
Princess of Zandalar
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Class Priest
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire, Talanji's Expedition, Darkspear Trolls, Horde, Horde Council
Occupation Queen of the Zandalari Empire, Representative of the Zandalari Empire on the Horde Council
Former occupation(s) Princess of the Zandalari Empire
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Rastakhan (father),
Tezlekhan (great-great-grandfather)
Companion(s) Tze'na (raptor),
Kal'dran (servant)
Rokhan (friend)

Talanji is the Queen of the Zandalari Empire and daughter of God King Rastakhan. She is a priestess of the loa Rezan.[2] She later forms Talanji's Expedition, a united group of Zandalari and Darkspear Trolls who combat the blood trolls of Nazmir.

Unlike her father, Talanji does not think the old ways are always best and believes that the Zandalari must adapt if they are to survive in a changing world. While her father's advisers were wary of making an alliance with the Horde, Talanji was a staunch supporter of the Zandalari and Horde uniting to face their common enemies.

Following her father's death during the Battle of Dazar'alor, Talanji succeeds him as Queen of Zandalar.[1] Following the end of the Fourth War and the defeat of the Widow's Bite, Talanji joined the Horde Council as the Zandalari representative.

As of the events of Shadows Rising, she was stated to be 18 years old,[3][4] making her 25 years old in Dragonflight.



Princess Talanji

As a little girl, she was best friends with Apari, then known as Parri, the daughter of Yazma, with the two getting into all sorts of mischief together, and the pair had a steadfast loyalty to one another. This loyalty was so great that when Yazma betrayed the Zandalari Empire by siding with Zul, Apari remained by Talanji's side.[5] After hearing of Vol'jin's defiance to Zul's call to unite the troll tribes, she took to admiring the Darkspear tribe chieftain.[6]

Years later, now an adult, Talanji left Zandalar to negotiate with the Horde because the Zanchuli Council was not doing its duty to protect the kingdom and the blood troll and their blood magic threat was increasing,[7] though she told her father that she was simply going to go exploring.[8] En route to Orgrimmar, she and Zul ended up being captured by the Alliance.[9] The Horde sent a strike team, including Rokhan of the Darkspear, to infiltrate Stormwind Stockade to free Zul and Talanji. When they were cornered in the Harbor, Talanji summoned Rezan to clear a path for them. Afterward, she returned to Zuldazar with the Horde and Zul.[2] Talanji explained that her father's advisers all plot against both him and the Horde, and that if the Horde wants the aid of the Golden Fleet, they would need to aid the Zandalari in Zuldazar, Nazmir, and Vol'dun.[10]

Expedition to Nazmir[]

Against her father's better judgment, Talanji led an expedition into the swamps of Nazmir in order to combat the blood trolls that assaulted Zuldazar. She received the aid of Rokhan, a shadow hunter of the Darkspear tribe, as well as a contingent of his scouts and warriors. Upon arrival at the Heart of Darkness, Talanji and the speaker of the horde see the true power of the blood trolls. They escaped the stampede of the blood trolls and joined up with Rokhan and the Darkspear at Zul'jan Ruins. There, she scryed the locations of the Loa within Nazmir - Torga, Krag'wa, Hir'eek, and Bwonsamdi - to seek their aid in battle.[11] Her expedition also recruited numerous tortollans to their cause after saving Torga's corpse from being corrupted by G'huun's herald, Jungo.[12] Although Hir'eek and Torga fell, the remaining Loa agreed to help her and her forces.

After a Horde adventurer reactivated the dormant Titan Keeper Hezrel, Talanji learned of the Old God contained beneath Nazmir, G'huun, and the threat that it posed if released.[13]

Later on, Talanji personally went with the Speaker of the Horde to do battle with the blood trolls' leader, Grand Ma'da Ateena, their combined efforts leading to the matriarch's demise. She then ordered the Gob Squad to fire upon the reawakened Taloc, causing it to fall deep within the depths of Uldir.[14] Her mission accomplished, she returned to Zuldazar.

At some point, Talanji participated in a meeting with Rokhan and Blood Prince Dreven in the Zo'bal Ruins about the status of the Alliance and Horde in the region. She wondered why Ranger Captain Areiel from the Horde-reinforced Necropolis did not come. After Dreven left, she expressed distrust for the san'layn and returned to Zuldazar.[15]

Zandalar Forever[]

As Zul's treachery was revealed during the Zuldazar storyline, he launched a full invasion on Dazar'alor.[16] Weakened and saddened by the loss of Rezan, the horrors of war began to set in for Talanji. Rastakhan, wanting to protect his family and kingdom, made a bargain with Bwonsamdi for the power to defeat Zul, in exchange for binding the souls of his bloodline to the Death Loa forever. Talanji felt that something was off, but her father assured her that he had taken care of everything.[17]

As Zul's army of blood trolls, traitorous Atal'zul fanatics, mogu allies, and Faithless sethrak advanced upon the city, Talanji rallied the civilians to take arms against the invaders in the Zocalo. Although the Great Seal was destroyed, Zul's armies were routed and Zul himself killed with the aid of the remaining Zandalari loa.[18]

A Warchief's legacy[]

The True Leader of Zandalar

Talanji and Vol'jin.

Rokhan received word that the mad witch doctor Zalazane had returned from the dead with an army of undead trolls, having somehow escaped Bwonsamdi's grasp.[19] After aiding the Darkspears on the Echo Isles, Master Gadrin requested that Warchief Vol'jin's ashes be placed in Atal'Dazar, the resting place of Zandalari kings and mighty troll leaders. Princess Talanji accepted and guided Gadrin and the Horde Speaker to the Golden Road of Atal'dazar. There, Gadrin reviewed his old pupil's many achievements and great deeds, Talanji admitting she had previously heard of Vol'jin and admired his deeds for some time.[20]

However, it turned out that the urn did not contain the warchief's soul, nor did Bwonsamdi know anything about where it might be.[21] Thus, on the Death Loa's orders, Talanji, Gadrin, and Rokhan held a séance to discover what they could about Vol'jin's whereabouts. With the presence of his old teacher and friend, Vol'jin appeared, not to reveal what happened to him, but to say that the Shadowlands were in turmoil: G'huun's influence was spreading without the Grand Seal, and trolls of the past and present alike cried out for justice against the Blood God. The time to end G'huun was nigh and Vol'jin requested they use his glaive to stab G'huun's corpse to draw his blood and show all of Zandalar that the old god is dead.[22] Talanji then accompanied a team of Horde adventurers into the Underrot and Uldir to defeat G'huun (The Alliance was instead joined by Brann Bronzebeard.)

After the deed was done, Vol'jin encouraged the Speaker to walk with Talanji as they presented their victory to the Zandalari people. While Talanji was initially hesitant, Vol'jin assured her that none of this would have been possible without her initiative, wisdom, and courage. As the princess gives an impassioned speech about Zandalar's victory over the old god's forces, Vol'jin claims that she is now the true leader of the Zandalari.[23]

Tides of Vengeance[]

After receiving word that the Alliance had mounted an attack through Nazmir, Talanji conferred with her father about how to deal with this new threat.[24] They determined that while Rastakhan would defend the city, Talanji herself would lead the armies of Zandalari against the Alliance. To that end she enlisted the Speaker of the Horde with rallying the Zandalari.[25] As the Zandalari clashed against the Alliance at the Blood Gate, she gave the order to rescue Rokhan who had been captured by Blademaster Telaamon.[26] With the Alliance defeated at the Blood Gate, Talanji gave the order for the combined Zandalari and Horde armies to push into Nazmir. To her surprise, a thick fog penetrated the region which prevented the two armies from finding the Alliance.[27]

After the reunited Gob Squad rebuilt the A.F.M.O.D., Talanji empowered it with the powers of Akunda[28] and fought to retake the Zul'jan Ruins.[29] With Zul'jan secured, Talanji, Rokhan, and the Speaker headed towards Zalamar to do battle against the Alliance.[30] She gave the order for the Alliance forces within the village to be wiped out in order to find the source of the fog and the Alliance fleet.[31] Following the death of Blademaster Telaamon, Talanji led the army to the coast of Nazmir where to her surprise discovered that the Abyssal Scepter last seen in her father's vault. Realizing that the Alliance must have taken it, Talanji sought to disperse the fog and retrieve the scepter. However, she discovered that the Alliance had attuned the fog to the artifact and thus with no other options left to her, Talanji destroyed the scepter. Following the destruction of the Abyssal Scepter, Talanji and her allies learned that Telaamon and his forces were bait to lure them away from Dazar'alor in order to weaken the city's defenses.[32]

Realizing that the city was in danger, the combined Zandalari and Horde army rushed back to defend the city, with Talanji among them.[33] Amidst the fighting, Talanji discovered that her best friend Apari was trapped under a broken pillar. Worried for her father, Talanji made the decision to rush on ahead towards him while promising to send aid to her old friend.[5] Talanji subsequently discovered her dying father who with his last breaths apologized to his daughter before he siphoned the power of Bwonsamdi into her. Bwonsamdi himself then appeared before Talanji who demanded to know what he had done to her, unaware of the pact her father made that bound his bloodline to the loa of graves. In response, Bwonsamdi merely revealed that her father never told her about their bargain. When asked by her guards about what to do about the fleeing Alliance, she turned towards Bwonsamdi, who with his gesture encouraged Talanji to order the Horde to go after the Alliance.

During her father's funeral, Baine Bloodhoof told Talanji that he understood the pain of losing a father and let her know that if there was anything he could do for her, she shouldn't hesitate to ask. At the same Nathanos encouraged her to channel her grief into vengeance against the Alliance. With Zandalari navy in ruins she wondered if the Horde would abandon the Zandalari Empire but was reassured by Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner that the Horde would not turn their back on their allies.[34] The resurrection of Derek Proudmoore made Talanji uneasy as it reminded her of what Zul did to her beloved Rezan. While convinced that the Alliance must be brought to justice for her father's death, Talanji was determined to not let rage blind her or make her forgot the honor of the Zandalari.[35]

When Baine wished to speak to Vol'jin once more, Talanji performed a seance to call on his spirit. With all that Sylvanas had done to strain the Horde's unity, Baine had to know who the voice that spoke to Vol'jin telling him to make her warchief really was. But Vol'jin's memory had been muddled by death, denied for him by shadows that he knew were coming for his friends. Spirits of the dead attacked the seance, and Vol'jin realized Baine's question was a good one if someone was trying to have him killed for asking it.[36] At Vol'jin's request, they traveled to the Broken Shore and called on his spirit there to shed some light on the mystery. As they searched, more spirits attacked them, and Vol'jin realized that that day on the Shore, something wasn't right with the way the demons' blades slipped past his guard as if the loa had forsaken him. Even now he still could not hear their voices, and no matter how much he called to Bwonsamdi, the loa of death was not answering. He realized that something had been helping the Legion that day to ensure that Vol'jin died.[37]

Vol'jin, Talanji, and Baine traveled to the Necropolis where Bwonsamdi revealed that he had not been ignoring Vol'jin's previous cries for aid; rather, he had not heard them at all. They confronted Bwonsamdi to ask him if he was the one who had told the shadow hunter to make Sylvanas the warchief, which Bwonsamdi denied. Even as much as Bwonsamdi was all for war and death, Sylvanas took things too far, and besides that Sylvanas kept the souls of what she killed as undead instead of releasing them for Bwonsamdi to claim. Troubled by their words, Bwonsamdi agreed to help them find out who had really told Vol'jin to put Sylvanas in charge.[38]

Bwonsamdi opened a Death Gate to one of his rivals in the ownership of souls: the Lich King. Like Bwonsamdi, the Lich King told Vol'jin that he was not responsible and that Sylvanas was upsetting the balance of life and death. Furthermore, the Lich King informed Vol'jin that he had been altered more than he realized and as neither undead nor damned he did not belong in the Frozen Throne. The Lich King sent ghouls after them, forcing them to flee through Bwonsamdi's gate.[39] Realizing that Vol'jin's spirit was getting help from some other power, Bwonsamdi also sent them to speak to the Val'kyr Eyir. Eyir informed the group that Vol'jin had been "touched by the hand of valor" and become something beyond even her power to forge, but whoever it was that had aided him was was not the same person who had told him to make Sylvanas warchief.[40][41] Back at the Necropolis, Bwonsamdi mused that while Eyir and the Lich King were not his only rivals they were the ones he thought most likely to be behind it. He urged Vol'jin to search not the living world but the Shadowlands for his answers. Vol'jin agreed to return to the Other Side, with the promise that if he found anything he would send word.[42]

Queen of Zandalar[]

Allegiance of the Zandalari

Talanji pledging her people to Sylvanas and the Horde.

Sometime after the death of her father, Talanji created a new Zanchuli Council consisting of Wardruid Loti, Hexlord Raal, Jo'nok, Bulwark of Torcali (replacing Vol'kaal), High Prelate Rata, General Rakera (replacing Jakra'zet), and Lashk, the first tortollan to sit on the Council.[43] As she prepared to undergo the rite of queens and kings, she called for Rokhan and the Speaker of the Horde to stand by her side.[44] However, before Talanji could begin the sacred ritual, dissidents led by the White Widow rose up in protest of a priest of Bwonsamdi becoming their queen. In response, Talanji and her allies dealt with the protests by making the dissenters see reason and allowed them to bend the knee,[45][46] however not all chose to accept and instead fought to the death for their opinions.[47][48]

With the fighting quelled, Talanji preceded with the ritual of queens and kings. As she received the blessings of the Zanchuli Council, she, the speaker, and the Council were attacked Samara, the White Widow herself. Amidst the fighting, Talanji offered Samara the chance to surrender, but she refused and was slain.[49] With blessings of the Zanchuli Council, and the enemy dead, Talanji moved forward to face the judgment of the loa.[50] During the trial, Krag'wa tested how far Talanji would go to sacrifice for her people and her commitment to defend the weak,[51] Gonk addressed the importance of the pack and its allies, specifically mentioning vulpera, tortollan, and even the Horde,[52] and Pa'ku tested her commitment.[53] All that remained was Bwonsamdi, and the loa of graves offered Talanji a chance to be freed of the pact by giving him the head of Sylvanas Windrunner. Surprised and stunned by this offer, Talanji, moved by her personal sense of honor, rejected betraying the Horde in such a manner and decided to remain beholden to her father's bargain with Bwonsamdi. The death loa merely remarked that it was a shame and gave her his blessing.[54]

Having passed the trials, Talanji was declared the Queen of Zandalari.[55] Recognizing that the Horde sacrificed for the Zandalari and vice versa, Talanji declared that only a pledge of loyalty would honor that commitment. Thus, the Zandalari joined the Horde, as its equals.[56] As part of the Horde, Talanji selected worthy champions to represent the might of the Zandalari Empire.[57] After they proved the might of the Zandalari, Talanji called them to return Dazar'alor where she blessed them with the Heritage of the Zandalari, encouraged them to wear it with pride, and declared them among the greatest champions of the Zandalari.[58]

When Baine was arrested and Zelling was killed for their parts in freeing Derek Proudmoore from Horde captivity, Talanji felt that Baine should have been given a chance to face his accusers and answer for his supposed crime. She thanked the Horde and Sylvanas for their help but did not plan to follow the warchief blindly.

After Talanji was informed of Xal'atath and N'Zoth, she remarked that Zandalar was still reeling from G'huun and that the awakening of another Old God was troubling news.[59] Believing that the Inv fish highmountainsalmonblue [Gift of N'Zoth] would consume the Speaker's soul, Talanji directed them to go to the Altar of Akunda in the Terrace of the Chosen in order to for them to be cleansed of N'Zoth's gift.[60] She further instructed the Speaker to gather their allies in order to take back the relics used to free and empower Xal'atath before they could be used against the Horde.[61]

When Varok Saurfang and Sylvanas Windrunner called their loyalists for battle, Talanji was the only Horde leader not to pick a side and the armies of the Zandalari Empire neither aided Saurfang's revolutionaries nor Sylvanas's loyalists.[62][63]

Shadows Rising[]

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Though not a member of the Horde Council, she accepted an invitation to attend a meeting. After the late arrival, Calia Menethil explained how she was confident that Derek Proudmoore could have intervened on their behalf if they were intercepted at sea by the Alliance. Talanji cut in that House Proudmoore could to do nothing for them. The queen of Zandalar had not forgotten that it was Jaina Proudmoore that led the Alliance against her people in the Battle of Dazar'alor, subsequently blaming her for Rastakhan's death, and thus objected to peace with Jaina. Sensing her hostility, Lilian Voss was quick to remind her that she had to accept that Derek was one of the Forsaken and that the Forsaken were the Horde.

However, Talanji was unmoved and declared that the Zandalari were Horde as well. She then called on the Horde to respond to the Zandalari wounds and was distressed at only receiving support from Rokhan and the Mag'har. The subsequent friction in the meeting forced Thrall to call the meeting adjourned, where soon afterwards Talanji was the target of a failed assassination that was foiled by Bwonsamdi guiding Zekhan into saving her, something the loa later admitted to Talanji. Disheartened by the council's response and disturbed by the assassination attempt, Talanji returned to Dazar'alor.

The Horde Council still worried about her. Desiring her friendship, the Council decided that they wouldn't give up and empowered Zekhan, still grieving the loss of Varok Saurfang, with a critical mission to aid Talanji and help uncover the rising threat against her. Thus, Zekhan's arrived to Dazar'alor as the Horde ambassador. He arrived just when Talanji was hearing her subjects' pleas, such as allowing Bezime's daughter Nav'rae to wed Khila. Upon seeing Zekhan, Talanji declared that they could have sent worse, noting privately to herself that they could have Thrall, whom she might never trust for his stubborn loyalty to Jaina. Though tempted to send Zekhan away, Talanji decided to give him a chance which proved beneficial when he later aided her against a second assassination attempt by a war band of the Widow's Bite in the Heart of the Empire.

When Talanji had a nightmare about being devoured by Shadra, she called out for Bwonsamdi as she awoke and the loa responded to the summons. When Talanji revealed her nightmare to him, he deduced that she only experienced because of her guilt and warned her that something had to do done soon. When a vexed Talanji wondered how the Widow's Bite grew in strength so quickly and asked what they could to stop them, Bwonsamdi remarked that they were afraid of him controlling her, and they feared what his queen, a queen of death, might become. When Talanji shouted back that she wasn't his queen, the loa told her to tell them that. He then revealed that due to burning his shrines, breaking the magic that protects them, and killing priests, they have weakened him. He further enlightened her that due to her father's deal, binding them together, she weakened as well.

When Talanji asked him what to do, Bwonsamdi remarked that she already knew what to do, making her remember that she could call upon the Horde for aid. Though angered by working with the Horde for working with Jaina Proudmoore, Talanji saw it as the only way forward but declared that if she was to abandon her pride to the Horde then Bwonsamdi shall abandon their pact. However, Bwonsamdi remarked that while it could be done, she would regret it as losing the loyalty of a god would have drawbacks. Calling her a reckless child, Bwonsamdi told Talanji that she was lucky that he was the loa he was working and not another like Mueh'zala. Once more remarking that she would regret, Bwonsamdi consented to deal that as long as she protected his shrines and kept them safe, then when he was strong again their pact would no more. However, he warned that she might not like what it means to be all alone.

After Zekhan reported the second assassination on Talanji to the Horde Council, Rokhan personally arrived to Dazar'alor in order to help Talanji against the Widow's Bite. Rokhan and Zekhan then tried to get Talanji to call on the Horde for support, but the young queen refused. When Mathias Shaw was captured by the Zandalari, the spymaster was thrown into a cell within Dazar'alor. When he requested an audience with Queen Talanji, he was ignored as she was focused on combating the Widow's Bite unaware that Shaw had discovered that the rebels were working with loyalists of Sylvanas Windrunner. Soon after, she was caught off-guard by the arrival of Thrall and Ji Firepaw who revealed that they had uncovered that the Widow's Bite were working together with the Sylvanas loyalists. This motivated Talanji to call her forces for direct battle against the threat by ordering them into Nazmir as well call on the Horde for aid.

During the subsequent skirmish between the Zandalari Empire forces and their enemies, Zekhan became mortally wounded after saving children that were to be sacrificed. The young troll then fell into Maw, but was yanked from it and placed back into his body. When Zekhan described what he experienced, an outraged Talanji demanded to know how such a hero could suffer that fate. It was then that Bwonsamdi told them about the Maw, how everyone was going there now, and it was taking all he had left just to keep as many trolls away from there that he could.

Upon learning that her old friend Apari was the leader of the Widow's Bite, Talanji felt that she had failed so many, only for Bwonsamdi to remark that there was still time to protect them. In this moment of doubt and fear, Talanji asked Bwonsamdi to let her speak to her father, only for the loa of graves to deny her this telling that she needed to find her won strength, her own way. Admitting that it was strange coming from him, Bwonsamdi told her that there was always hope, as death brings life, with the great wheel turning slowly and as bodies decay new life springs from it.

Talanji grew strength from Bwonsamdi's words and rallied her forces together, which soon bolstered by the Horde. While heading towards Bwonsamdi at the Necropolis to aid the loa in battle, the Horde forces were approached by Tayo, the former lieutenant of the Widow's Bite who had grown increasingly disgusted with Apari's tactics, especially those against children. At first, the wary Talanji summoned a crackling bolt of death magic, ready to retaliate, however, Tayo defected to the Horde, with Thrall later noting that her aid proved instrumental in saving them from Blightcaller's traps, and during the fighting itself Tayo and Talanji killed Apari. Though Nathanos managed to escape the battlefield, the Horde was successful in preventing Bwonsamdi's death.

In the aftermath of their victory, Talanji celebrated with the rest of the Horde and was warmly welcomed to the Horde Council. She freed Shaw from his cell under the condition that he abide by Thrall's request to deliver the captured Sira Moonwarden to the Alliance, and allowed Tayo to rejoin the Zandalari Empire. At Tayo's request, Talanji allowed her to serve as the Zandalari ambassador to the Horde. She personally came to say farewell to Zekhan and informed him that when Zandalar was strong, she would personally come to Orgrimmar to visit him. She was then invited by Thrall to join the hunt for Sylvanas Windrunner when she was ready.

Following the Horde's departure from Dazar'alor, Talanji was approached by Bwonsamdi, who had come to honor his pact with her, only for the queen to decide to remain bond to him. However, she remarked that while he would still be the loa of kings, all of the loa are crucial to their survival. Due to being restored to power and being grateful to her, Bwonsamdi spared enough power to allow Talanji to reunite with her father. Rastakhan then informed his daughter that he was proud of the queen she had become. As Bwonsamdi took him back under his care, he informed Talanji that she must remember that she is the queen Zandalar deserves and to be brave.[5]

The Vow Eternal[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Talanji, with Zekhan serving as her plus one, was among those who attended the wedding of Lor'themar Theron and Thalyssra. During the ceremony Rokhan stood with them, and during the reception she spoke with Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon.[64]


Talanji is a tall troll with grayish-white skin, with bright blue eyes and fangs protruding from her mouth.As a priestess and member of the royal family of Zandalar she wears a long dress with white, yellow, dark purple and violet colors, golden hats with feathers on the sides and a gold and white headdress adorned with feathers and fangs on her head.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
H [10-60] The Stormwind Extraction ?? 119,696
Zuldazar ?? 345,840
H [10-60] Speaker of the Horde 120 43,230
Nazmir ?? 71,818 - 3,468,800
A [60] Meeting of the Minds ?? 3,458,400
Underrot ??
Uldir ??
Normal +1,675,916
Heroic +2,141,519
Battle of Dazar'alor ?? 346,880


As a priestess Talanji has access to divine magic due to her connection with the loa, especially with the Loa of kings Rezan and the Loa of death Bwonsamdi, being able to cast multiple spells such as creating shields and controlling the wind.

Zandalari War Priest
  • Ability priest flashoflight Judgment of the Loa — The caster unleashes the might of the loa at their target, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Spell holy aspiration Light of the Loa — Heals a target for 20% of their maximum life.


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  • I will do whatever I must to keep my people safe.
  • There is much to do, speak quickly.
  • Zandalar forever!
  • Times change, and so must the Zandalari.
  • I fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
  • Everywhere I go, the people chant "YAAASSS, QUEEN!" A troll could get used to this!
  • I am not saying the Zandalari need to rule the world, but come on, you know you would be better off if we did!
  • My chamber walls are adorned with many skulls, but there is always room for one more.
  • Careful now, my loa is the jealous type.
  • Zandalar will endure.
  • May your vestments be adorned with the skulls of your enemies!
  • Loa watch over you.
  • May Bwonsamdi see your enemies before he sees you.
  • Vengeance for the fallen!


The Great Seal[]

My father once ruled with an iron fist, and none would dare break his laws. But he was also just, helping those in need, so his subjects loved him for it.
Now? Now de iron fist is forgotten. Dose he trusts pour poison in his ear as dey plot and scheme.
I do not know what dey are planning, but I know our people cannot afford to wait and see.
Post-H [60] The Return of Derek Proudmoore
Gossip What are your thoughts about Sylvanas bringing back Derek Proudmoore?
My father's final act was to invoke de power of Bwonsamdi. De Zandalari are no strangers to calling upon de dead to serve us.
Yet de raising of Derek Proudmoore makes me uneasy. It reminds me of what Zul did to my beloved Rezan... a foul deed that broke my heart.
De Alliance must be brought to justice for my father's death. But we must not let rage blind us... or make us forget de honor dat makes de Zandalari great.
Post-H [60] A Display of Power
Without de Horde beside us, my people would now be at de mercy of de Alliance. We owe much to de warchief... but we will not follow her blindly.
Baine Bloodhoof has shown honor and respect to de Zandalari. He must be given a chance to face his accusers and answer for dis supposed crime.


We must be wary. Nobody comes back from Nazmir.

Rezan's Wake[]

De idea dat any spirit could evade Bwonsamdi is impressive. It is my hope de bonds of his friends will be enough to give us a connection to him on de other side.

War Campaign - Blood Gate[]

De Alliance will fall beneath the might of the Zandalari.

Zandalari recruitment questline[]


Today will be a day all de Zandalari remember for years to come.

I hope it is de start of something good for my people.


<Princess Talanji kneels before the corpse of a priest. She clutches a bloodied charm to her chest.>

They dropped her body at my feet, <name>.

She did nothing except worship Bwonsamdi.

I brought this fate upon her.

Top of Zanchul

<Talanji scowls.>

Bwonsamdi stands where Rezan would have. De NERVE of dis mon, I swear on my father--

<Talanji takes a deep breath.>

Come. Let us finish this.

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

In the Hearthstone expansion Rastakhan's Rumble, Talanji serves as the champion of Bwonsamdi's Zombies, an unsettling, death-obsessed team of troll priests, and appears as a legendary priest card. Her flavor text reads: "Everyone wants to be a princess, but nobody ever considers the size of the hat."

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