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AllianceTalar Oaktalon
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Gender Male
Race Night elf
Class Druid
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Occupation Sea captain
Location Unknown
Status Alive
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Talar Oaktalon is a night elf druid and ship captain of Elune's Radiance, sent by Darnassus to assist Gilneas with the worgen. He was tall and adorned with ornate leather armor and robes made of silken blue-green cloth, and wielded a staff.

He later led the other ships in evacuating Gilneans to Teldrassil after the Forsaken led by Sylvanas Windrunner conquered their homeland. When he first offered Genn Greymane his help, it was rejected because of the king's stubbornness. During the voyage, Talar saved Mia Greymane and Tess Greymane, Genn's wife and daughter, from drowning after their vessel was nearly destroyed, healing their wounds. He then personally rescued Genn himself from a similar fate, humbling the Gilnean king after his close encounter with death, and beginning a friendship between the two of them.[1]


As of Dragonflight, he is now the Captain of The Moonlit Rose, ferrying between the Ruins of Gilneas and Amirdrassil.


Greetings, friend. I am Talar Oaktalon. It has been many years since my first voyage to Gilneas. That was a different time for both of our people. A different world, even. To think now, after all the suffering both kaldorei and Gilneans have endured, we can make this return journey with no trepidation but merely... tranquil purpose. <Talar inhales deeply before exhaling with a smile.> Welcome aboard the Moonlit Rose.