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Talbuk Hearthstone

A Draenic talbuk as seen in a piece of Hearthstone artwork.

Talbuks are beautifully colored, striped, horned antelope-like creatures native to Argus.[1][2] Some talbuks fled Argus with the draenei aboard the Genedar.[3] On Draenor (later Outland), a world the Genedar crashed on, the alien species thrived, becoming a viable food source for the native predators and a part of orcish culture. Talbuks live primarily in the plains of Nagrand but could also be found in Shadowmoon Valley before its corruption. They usually congregate underneath trees, but some groups of them are seen wandering with their respective patriarchs. The talbuks are diurnal creatures. During winter nights, they dig hollows in the snow in which to curl up together as a cluster in order to preserve heat.[4]

Talbuks are a type of wild, stag-like creatures, and a favored food of the draenei.[5] The Moongraze Stags and Bucks of Azuremyst Isle reminded the draenei of the talbuks.

There is also a herd of talbuks living in the Stormspire's Eco-Dome. Talbuk does are non-aggressive beasts that alert surrounding males when attacked, while the decidedly more aggressive sires use their large hooves to stun attackers. When weakened, these talbuks can be tagged for Aurine Moonblaze, a druid sent by the Cenarion Expedition to investigate the Ethereal technology's effects on wildlife.

One breed of talbuks is known for its twelve prongs that are sharp and dangerous. They were hunted for the orcish om'riggor ritual.[6] Most talbuks are peaceful creatures that will only attack when they are defending their herd.[7] Despite their docile nature, talbuks have been known to gore seasoned warriors to death when threatened.[8]

Talbuks became sickly and corrupt as a result of Draenor's fel corruption and subsequent transformation into Outland.[9]

They grow their horns to full size at an early age.[10]

Having had to adapt to the new landscape of the ravaged planet they inhabit, the talbuks of Argus have evolved chitinous plates.[2] The surviving Krokul use them as mounts.

Notable talbuks[]


Pearlfur Grazer

A talbuk on Draenor.

Types on Argus[]


A talbuk on Argus.

  • IconSmall Talbuk3 Chaosrunners Legion
  • IconSmall Talbuk3 Chitinbuks Legion
  • IconSmall Talbuk3 Cragscalers Legion
  • IconSmall Talbuk3 Ruinstriders Legion
  • IconSmall Talbuk3 Ruinwalkers Legion


  • The Breezestrider Stallions' red coloration reflect their temperament: sanguine, fierce, and courageous.[11]
  • The Ability mount talbukdraenormount [Pale Thorngrazer] subsists completely on a diet of thistles and thorns, making its insides as tough as its outside.[12]
  • Draenei poets have likened the Ability mount talbukdraenormount [Shadowmane Charger]'s coloring to shadows cast by moonlight in an ashen forest.[13]
  • Prized for its intelligence, the silverpelt can be trained to execute defensive kicks and gorings in battle.[14]
  • Draenei have relied on the Ability mount talbukdraenormount [Swift Breezestrider], the swiftest of all talbuks, to relay messengers and their missives safely to their destinations.[15]

As a mount[]

Main article: Talbuk mounts

They are also a special mount available for Alliance players exalted with the Kurenai faction and to Horde players exalted with the Mag'har faction. The faction mounts are available in White, Tan, Silver, and Cobalt, with each color being available as a Riding Talbuk and War (armored) Talbuk.

There are also Dark Riding and Dark War Talbuks from the Halaa merchants which cost Halaa Battle Tokens and Halaa Research Tokens to purchase.

Along with a new talbuk model, a variety of new talbuk mounts was introduced in the Warlords of Draenor expansion, obtainable through a variety of methods.

As a companion pet[]

Inv talbukdraenor white [Young Talbuk] has a chance to drop from Inv misc bag 22 [Traveler's Pet Supplies].

As a hunter pet[]

Main article: Stag#As a hunter pet

Talbuks are tamable since patch 6.0.2. As hunter pets, they are classified as stags.

Lightforged draenei hunters start with an Argussian talbuk pet.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Inv misc food 100 hardcheese [Fine Taladorian Cheese Platter] is made from the milk of draenei-farmed and orchid-fed talbuks.
  • They were originally described as being indigenous to Nagrand[5] before they were retconned to being native to Argus. Rangari Sunon still makes the mistake.
  • Unlike the talbuks on Draenor and Outland, Argussian talbuks can have two different horn shapes instead of only a single one.
  • As seen in N [45] Eredath, Jewel of Argus, the Warlords of Draenor model for talbuks is how the species originally looked. Argus's talbuks had to adapt chitinous plates to survive the ruined planet, evolving into the Legion model.[2] The original Burning Crusade model was a result of talbuks becoming sickly and corrupt as a result of Draenor's transformation into Outland.[9]