Tales of de Loa: Shadra

Tales of de Loa: Shadra is located in the Shrine of Shadra in Zuldazar.[47.8, 28.9] It contains a story about the loa Shadra.

After having been interacted with, it can be found in the Hall of Chroniclers in Dazar'alor.


Tales of de Loa: Shadra

In de shadows, Shadra lurks.
Finding secrets as she works.
Webs she weaves 'round those in power,
Dark of night her waking hour.
Ya seek us out with ill intent?
Den writhe to poison most potent!

Her eyes are everywhere, dey see all.
Dey hear ya words, where dey can crawl.
What ya know, she knows as well,
Keeper of secrets she'll never tell.
Powerful strings she pulls in time of need,
With advice and warnings ya better heed.

Should her faith in us be lost,
Her good will falls, at terrible cost.
Betray her and ya soon will find,
Her venom is strong and most unkind.
If to Zandalar you stay true,
The danger will never come near you.

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