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Talethi's Desire

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NeutralTalethi's Desire
Start Talethi
End Automatic
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Type Island Quest
Category Torghast, Tower of the Damned
Rewards Prisoner's Anima cell
Next Champion: Talethi



Help Talethi obtain the wand.


You will receive:


On accept:

Talethi says: Now let's go find my wand! Well, it isn't mine yet. We may have to do some minor violence to obtain it.
Speaking with Talethi
Ahh, the fabled Maw Walker. My thirst for power seems to have resulted in my current predicament.
Could you be a good... whatever you are and release me?
Oh, and I may have a minor score I need settled as well.
Gossip Yes, I will help.

Look for the marked elite in the area and kill it.

On complete:

Talethi says: This is it! This will be very useful.

Afterward, pick up Champion: Talethi to gain Talethi as a follower.

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