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This page is a bit of a mess and it has a lot of data that belongs elsewhere. It links to one levelling guide, and then proceeds to list another guide verbatim. Levelling guides are very useful but they should be on a page of their own. The Outland recipe list may also be useful, but it doesnt belong here when we have subpages that were specifically designed for that kind of stuff. I tried removing that section and was going to put the data where it belonged, but my edit was undone, and I don't want to start a edit-war.

Furthermore the figures that shows the transmutation-cycles are awesome, but they need to be bigger as they are unreadable, as it is.

All in all, this page looks like people have just haphazardly added information to it without thinking about the readability. There are way too many lists and tables and I realize that when you work with it a lot, you learn the layout and grow blind to these weaknesses, but for new eyes, the contents seems to fight each other. In summary, it really needs a work-over. Not because of the quality of the contents, but because of how it is presented as a whole. --Ballistae 20:53, 7 April 2007 (EDT)

While I agree that the page is somewhat unreadeadble, I find the information contained amazingly helpful. The Outland recipe list is something I have come back to check numerous times. Cleaning things up is fine. Let's just not lose any information. As long as we all know what's going on, I'm sure it will be fine.--ObiChad 00:07, 9 April 2007 (EDT)

I use that list constantly as well. I added the new 2.10 recipes. However, as useful as the list is, it would be great to update the right page with this information and make sure the link to the right page is prominent: Getting there now is a bit hard since you have to click on "Recipes" and then click on the box on the right, which isn't prominent. Right now all of the information is scattered. I think the most useful thing would be to have one of the pages be able to list all of the potions/elixirs/oils/flasks/transmutes with a table that includes all of the following information:

  • Name
  • Skill required
  • Item (in standard item display format)
  • Effect quick reference
  • Source of Recipe

The page is close but not quite there. --Bregdark 12:38, 27 May 2007 (PDT)

I've now moved that page into a guide and made a promiment link Bregdark 17:45, 14 August 2007 (UTC)

The Arcanite transmute is on a 24hr cooldown now, it's no longer a 48hr. I'm 100% positive as I do one of these a day. It shares a cooldown with all other transmutes now. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Khatia30857 (talk · contr).

Alchemy Training

Anybody else got some overlapping problems with the text here? Why was the potion box removed in the first place?--FallingDown 05:52, 7 January 2007 (EST)

Ethics of mastery

A friend brought up an interesting question the other day. Say you're a master of transmutation, and someone brings you the materials to transmute arcanite. You work your magic, and the mastery pays off; you now have two arcanite bars.

Do you:

  • 1) Give the client both, since it came from his materials?
  • 2) Keep the extra, after all it was your hard work to get to the level where you could do the transmutation?
  • 3) Keep the extra but give the client his transmutation free, as with his materials, you just made some money?
  • 4)...?

-- Azaram, Staghelm, 2/17/07 03.43.

I don't feel that the customer is entitled to the additional created materials. You chose the profession, you spent the time and money leveling it up past 350 and completing the specialization quest, you are passing up opportunities from having other professions (as most likely, an alchemist is going to have herbalism as well), you (potentially) are the one passing up on doing a transmutation for yourself or your guildies.

If you're feeling generous, hand them 23 potions you created instead of the 20 they provided mats for. But I don't think you should feel guilty about profiting from that extra skyfire diamond that is comming off your 48 hour cooldown.

--Oborro, 2/27/07 18.39

That's how I feel about it...but pretty much everybody is now asking 'are you a transmutation master' when you offer your services, so I kind of suspect that they're going to expect the extras themselves. What I've basically come up with is a 'free' transmutation, in that I keep the second and fourth ones created. They give me the materials, I do the transmute. Results: 1, they get it. 2, one each. 3, they get 2, I get one. 4, they get two, I get two, and with 5 they get three and I get two.

As you say...we spent the time, money (buying the materials for the four primal mights, since I haven't finished in Blade's Edge and Nagrand and can't farm the primal mana yet, cost me around 200g. Passing up selling the four primal might I'm making, or using them in something of my own, will cost me on my server between 4 and 600g at the moment.) and considerable effort to get our alchemy and probably herbalism up to where they are, passing up potentially more profitable occupations.

Talking to a friend here, he is going to offer to trade (for example) a primal might for the materials to make a primal might. Keep one of his own in his bank and trade it when they pass over the materials, and do the transmute later, out of sight, to avoid arguments. They don't need to know one is a master. I'm now kind of leaning toward this... --Azaram 22:30, 13 March 2007 (EDT)

I've done some thinking about this and came to this conclusion: Guild members get extras off procs, non-guild members don't. The Joe off the street bringing me mats and whatever amount of gold we agree upon gets exactly what we agreed to. Just because he sees me get an extra does not really entitle him to it. --Alence 3/15/07

That's pretty much what I'm thinking...I might give them their fee back if it procs... Has anyone figured out if the transmute mastery is actually working? I've seen stuff on the WoW forums where nobody's ever gotten more than one proc and that only extremely rarely... I hate to waste four primal mights on something that's not going to really be worth it. --Azaram 05:43, 17 March 2007 (EDT)

The transmute mastery does work. One guy on my server got the 5x proc. From what I understand, all of the mastery's have about a 15% chance to proc. Each additional proc has 15% multiplicative chance to proc. So the chance of getting 2 items from one set of mats is 15%, 3 items is 2.25%, 4 items 0.34%, and 5 items 0.005%. I believe it caps at five. -Alence 3/19/07

Trend on my server seems to be you won't get to keep your procs if you are making pots/elixirs with their mats. The reason for this is because so many people are offering their services for free and letting them keep the procs if people provide hem the mats since this gives them more chances to discover a recipe. Of course I 'm on a pretty populated server where there is much more competition. This is not so true for transmutations since they are also using out cooldown. --Lindorm 17:39, 31 March 2007 (EDT)

I suggest having a regular "rate" to charge for 1-1 Alchemist keeps any spares transmutations, and then having a special rate for those who like to gamble, that lets them keep the extras ^_~. I definitely think that if someone has given you mats and paid for 1 you should only give them 1 by default. Darien Shields (talk) 21:21, 19 August 2008 (UTC)


Should there be made a section (or page) of what people have been making when discovering the new flasks? If so, instead of (I'd guess this) or in addition to the existing list? Should location/mastery be included?

-- vrak, 2/24/07 01.25.

Check out this topic:
It seems to be mostly random, except that transmutes are discovered doing transmutes and flasks are discovered doing potions/elixirs. All potions mentioned are Outland recipes, but I remember one person claiming to have discovered something while making a yellow recipe at alchemy level 244, that couldn't have' been an Outland recipe. That may have been in the beta, though. --Itinerant 19:48, 5 March 2007 (EST)


I personally have discovered the  [Flask of Arcane Fortification] in UC. User:Kitan/Sig 22:57, 18 April 2007 (EDT)


I was just here and it's missing, it could be a typo or someone could need to create something for there. Not really sure. It also could be 100-110 is partially included in 50-100, either way, it needs to be fixed. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Caroesit (talk · contr).

Transmutation cooldowns

I read that all transmutation share the same cooldown, but that the cooldown depends on what is transmuted. Truesilver, Gold, Arcanite and essences have a 24 hours cooldown, elemental fires have a 10 minutes cooldown. What about the primal transmutations and the Alchemist's stone? --Nalumis 07:55, 24 May 2007 (UTC)

The primal transmutes and the diamond transmutes all have a cooldown of 24 hours. Not sure about the stone. --ObiChad 15:18, 19 July 2007 (UTC)

As of Patch 2.3, all transmutes are on a 23-hour cooldown, with the exceptions of Truesilver (47 hours) and Elemental Fire (15 minutes). Article needs updating to reflect these new times. Dunto 18:42, 21 November 2007 (UTC)

So fix them.   Zurr  TC 23:08, 21 November 2007 (UTC)

Expert training

You have to be level 20 to become an Expert Alchemist.

This can't be right because my lvl 30 tauren still can't train to Expert level. --DanielCD 14:37, 19 July 2007 (UTC)

I believe each level also has a certain skill rating to train. Expert is 125 I believe. It should say something about it at the trainer. --ObiChad 15:20, 19 July 2007 (UTC)

Mastery Data

I've been keeping track of the elixirs I made and how often it procs. Here is the data. Google Spreadsheet My guess is, there is a 15% chance of a 2 proc occurring and a 1% chance of a >2 proc occurring even split over 3/4/5. I don't have enough occurrences of 3/4/5 to give good numbers just yet. --ObiChad 21:41, 22 August 2007 (UTC)

Very interesting data, thanks. What mod did you use to keep track? Bregdark 21:43, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

Training Mastery

I got to 68 and wanted to learn Elixir Mastery. Learned that I had to do BM to get the essence of infinity or whatever and to do that had to do Durnholde. Not interested thank you. Bought 4 primal mights, learned Transmutation Mastery, created a primal might from my daily cooldown to see if it would proc (it didn't), unlearned my new mastery and went to Shat and got myself Elixiry Mastery. Same could be done for Potion Mastery and it would be advantageous since you need a flying mount to complete the quest for that one. Pyraxis 13:07, 6 October 2007 (UTC)

Addition's to the Alchemy page

Hello all,

I jsut read through the current discussions, and my question is not addressed.

I am currently leveling Herbalisim/Alchemy and have found the Alchemy page in particular extremely useful.

I had found that the skill range 265-300 was missing the ingredients and associated links like the earlier skill ranges and added those.

My questions are:

I understand that the recipies above 300 are probably not Orange, and thus there isn't a set number of potions to make to reach the next level, but it seems to me the guide kind of peter's out from this point on, not having links to the potions and also seems a different writing style. Does this need to be fixed?

Also, for readability, I understand not wanting or needing to link to every little thing, but say for Vial's, at the top of the guide there is a link to vial, but then later in the individual skill sections, there are links to the potions and ingredients for the potions, but not for the individual vials, should this be added as well?

Thanks! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by WoWWiki-Dewy (talk · contr).

Specialization with Flasks and Cauldrons

Are Flasks and Cauldrons outside to proc groups for specialization, or do Flasks count as Elixirs, and Cauldrons count as Potions? Darien Shields (talk) 21:22, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

Flasks do count under Elixirs, I don't know about Cauldrons. Folashir (talk)

mastery proc

I really dont do html and online editing so i just thought i would post this here to see if someone else could alter the mastery thingy about how many you can create. i was under the assumption that it was only up to 5 total but last night when i had a friend make me some elixir of stoneblood i saw a proc where 8 were crafted in one. i have a screenshot to prove it too that im not completely mad if anyone wants to see if they dun believe me. just thought people might like to know that either the whole 5 max thing wasnt true and above that was just stupidly rare or perhaps now at 80 you can proc and make more 16:00 13/06/09 —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kaeltheron29488 (talk · contr).