Semi relevant stuff that was removed

The following was recently removed from the article. It seems only partially relevant to the topic, so it was okay to remove, but I'm reproing it here, in case someone wants to integrate any useful info back into the article:

In any group, against any mobs that don't deal area damage, ideally the main healer should be only healing the tank. If he must heal dps characters, the problem is likely that the dps is straining the tank by not allowing him to focus his threat generation. Damage dealers must be focused on one mob at a time. This allows the tank to hold aggro against only the healer on all other mobs (which frequently is no big problem), and focus threat generation only on one mob that all dps is targeting. Thus, dealing too much DPS can overburden the healer and cause a group wipe.
However, in higher-level dungeons, even some non-boss mobs randomly target a party member (not always based on threat level) and hit them with a damage spell, and some charge a random target. Aside from that, there are many non-boss mobs that deal area damage. Some of this damage would be averted if the dps character stood a little bit off (if the damage was from [Cleave] or a similar ability). If non-boss mobs have these abilities, remember that it's quite likely that you will run into a boss that has similar abilities.

--Gengar orange 22x22.png Fandyllic (talk · contr) 2:59 PM PST 8 Jan 2008