HoT's and agro before combat

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  • Putting a HoT on a target before they enter combat will not cause any threat to the healer- even once they enter battle, take damage and are healed by the HoT. Test this yourself with a threat meter or simply note that you aren't even put into combat by the HoT, so long as you cast it before your target entered combat.

... is incorrect and has been rewritten by me. Tests i made shows that if the HoT is cast before or after the tank pulls has zero relevance, only thing that matters is if the healer is actually in combat with the mob or not.

Tests performed as 2 x Druid outside of orgrimmar. Relevant test material and how it was performed is described here: Priest Discussion on HoT's

Athinira, 70 Tauren Druid, EU Ravencrest