Is luci's shadow shock attack resistable? I was thinking of using the darkrune set during the fight to minimize the damage of that attack (my healers are having major problems with the burst damage it causes) but don't know if it's worth it...

"You can also choose to keep only necessary players within the radius (healers, decursers, dispellers, tanks), and hold back the DPS players out of the range until Luci's mana is depleted."

Exactly what abilities of his use magic, and roughly how much before he's crippled? He's got, what, 100k+ mana, draining that will either take a long time with viper sting, or use up a lot of mana that could be used for healing/dps

It takes about 3 minutes. His attacks use a LOT of his mana. We no longer use this strategy, but we did when our guild had less DPS, and weaker healers, unable to keep the whole raid alive. I dont know about warlock and priest mana drains, but viper sting does NOT work on him. --Kierjan 15:28, 15 October 2006 (EDT)