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The actual costs in dollars of the bonus in-game items are a bit high. There's 100 UDE points per booster pack, and each booster pack has a $4 MSRP.


[Perpetual Purple Firework] (3000 UDE Points) = 30 packs = $120 [Carved Ogre Idol] trinket (25000 UDE Points) = 250 packs = $1,000

The name of this Article is as it should be, IMHO. UDE is an acronym, one that can't really be shortened. If anyone is actually looking for this page, they will type "UDE Points", not Upper Deck Entertainment Points. Even the cards and points themselves are called UDE points.

Both the Acronyms, TCG, and UDE, are widely used. I wouldn't have found the page if they weren't.

Copybass 18:07, 24 April 2008 (UTC)Copybass