I moved the "in-game translations" section into speculation section, since the so-called "translation" uses the same algorythmic word list used by tauren players (rather than having unique original words), and may not represent true translations.Baggins 14:17, 16 May 2007 (UTC)


I presume "Arikara" simply is the Taur-ahe word for "Vengeance", since it seems to be Vengeance embodied in the eyes of the Tauren, from what Magatha tells you. ~ User:Nathanyelŋɑϑ 11:15, 23 September 2007 (UTC)


the name of the language bears a strong resemblence, if not inspired/taken from Currahee , most likely a reference to the Band of Brothers) episode (there's a few other BoB references in WoW i've found).

--Aquril (talk) 18:44, 4 April 2013 (UTC)

It may be a pun on Currahee, or inspired by Native American language in general, but I doubt it's a reference to the series. ~ Nathanyel (talk) 19:05, 4 April 2013 (UTC)