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WotLK newb speculates

The title of this quest and its following activities are greatly dramatic. If it is a design-complete quest along with the likes of H [72] Shrouds of the Scourge, H [72] A Courageous Strike, H [72] Neutralizing the Cauldrons, and a handful of other quests, the fall must be occurring simultaneously with frantic outbound military traffic and an influx of heroes. Do I understand correctly that Taunka'le functions as a major quest hub, and a dying city at the same time? User:JIM the Inventor/Sig1 04:43, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

  • This appears to be the same as in Howling Fjord. Various quest texts there hint that the Taunka outpost will be given up soon. --Afaslizo (talk)