Let's say I get the quest after becoming King, leave Dire Maul and head to Hellfire or someplace, then return to DM, go the west side, and kill the Prince. Do I then have to go to the north side and fight through all the Gordoks once more to become King again, or will I be able to visit Kromcrush to turn in the quest even without the buff? Or do I somehow get credit without going back to see Kromcrush?--Illidan Rocks 00:57, 26 August 2007 (UTC)

Well, my own experiences answered my questions. Leaving Dire Maul, or getting killed inside, removes the king buff. I'd logged out inside DM and began looking for a group to go to DM West after logging in again (king buff was still there, as well as the buffs from all the guards).

After some time passed, I decided to go back to the ogres and get buffed again so I'd have another full two hours on them. Of course, everything inside DM North had respawned after a DAY, including the bugs. Bugs don't recognize you as their king, unlike ogres. So they got me as I was running down the hall to see Slip'kik.

Kromcrush only hangs around Fengus after King Gordok has fallen, whether the ogres are friendly to you or not. Leave the instance, he'll go back upstairs. So even if I'd done the quest and remained king, I would've still had to get up to him to turn the quest in. That would have been tricky with just one person, due to the aforementioned bugs. Plus, the ogres would attack any members of a new party I would form who didn't have the buff.

The only good news is that I found you can get into DM West and Immol'thar's Prison directly from the library, instead of going out to the Broken Commons. Also, I guess, that you don't necessarily have to kill Immol'thar to get that gauntlet and kill the prince, but it certainly helps.--Illidan Rocks 00:44, 31 August 2007 (UTC)