NeutralTalon's Vengeance
Main leader  Aviana
Race(s) Night elfNight elf Night elf
Capital Sylvan Falls
Theater of operations Broken Isles
Quartermaster  Trinket
Notable reward(s)  [Ivory Hawkstrider]

Talon's Vengeance is a neutral, Player vs. Player faction located at the Sylvan Falls of Highmountain. They are allies of the demigod Aviana and protectors of the winged creatures of the Broken Isles.

To gain access to this faction, the player must have completed at least one of the four falcosaur quest lines. The player must travel to the Sylvan Falls and speak to Aviana while mounted on one of the falcosaur mounts ( [Predatory Bloodgazer],  [Brilliant Direbeak],  [Viridian Sharptalon] or  [Snowfeather Hunter]), which will cause her to accuse the adventurer of murdering her children, ignoring their excuse of trying to control their population as she is a guardian of nature, who knows better about such matters than a mortal. However, upon reflecting on the adventurer's efforts to help the falcosaur hatchling and its matriarch, in addition to believing them not to have killed her children out of malice, she will offer them a chance to serve as her vengeance against those who defy her. Exhausting all of Aviana's dialog will enable the faction itself on the character.


Reputation with Talon's Vengeance is gained by killing other players while under the effects of an  [Ivory Talon] or  [Ivory Feather]. The player will automatically receive an Ivory Talon upon exhausting Aviana's dialog, but they can buy additional ones from Trinket in case they somehow lose it, while the Ivory Feather can be purchased from Trinket at Honored reputation.

While under the effects of the Ivory Talon or Feather, the player will become hostile to all other players regardless of faction (similar to the  [Censer of Eternal Agony] of the Timeless Isle). Killing an enemy player will award you with a  [Mark of Prey], which can be consumed to grant 100 reputation with Talon's Vengeance. A total of 420 Marks of Prey will be required to reach Exalted reputation without rep-boosting buffs. The Ivory Talon can only be used in falcosaur or PvP world quests, while the Ivory Feather can only be used at battlegrounds and Ashran, limiting obtaining Marks of Prey to these specific locations.

Unlike other Broken Isles factions, Talon's Vengeance has no emissary, nor any associated world quests. Additionally, while a  [Demon's Soulstone] can be used to increase reputation with every other Legion faction, you will not receive Talon's Vengeance reputation from them.


Reputation Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Ivory Talon] 1s PvP item
 [Regurgitated Leaf] 1g Consumable
Friendly  [Bag of Twigs] 10g Consumable
Honored  [Ivory Feather] 100g PvP item
Revered  [Cracked Falcosaur Beak] 1000g Trinket
Exalted  [Ivory Hawkstrider] 10000g Mount

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