NeutralTaming the Tempest
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Type Weekly Raid
Category Throne of Thunder
Repeatable Yes

Taming the Tempest is one of seven random weekly raid quests offered in Normal/Heroic Throne of Thunder.


Slay No'ku Stormsayer.

  • No'ku Stormsayer slain


You hear a fierce and militant voice roaring in the distance. A crackling storm swells and swirls around a clouded, shadowy figure. Lightning flashes and No'ku Stormsayer appears, his scornful gaze aimed directly at you.

("Tendrils of lightning arc from No'ku's feet as he passes through the courtyard.")


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 17.png [Spoils of the Thunder King]


This weekly raid quest is offered upon reaching the final platform before the Council of Elders in the Royal Amphitheater. No'ku, as with other weekly quest mobs, replaces the trash mobs that normally spawn in the area.

His abilities are Lightning Fissure (similar to Jin'rokh's), Wave of Fury, and Conductivity. Wave of Fury is cast in a straight line and simple enough to avoid. Conductivity increases the tank's vulnerability to nature damage by 5% and stacks, which will require tank swapping.

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