For the lore of the zone and its status after the Cataclysm, see Tanaris.
Level: 40 - 50
Capital(s) Gadgetzan
Races GoblinGoblin Goblin
Sand trollSand troll Sand troll
HumanHuman Human
OgreOgre Ogre
SilithidSilithidSilithidSilithid Silithid
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome

Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle
Ukorz Sandscalp
Andre Firebeard

Caliph Scorpidsting
Major settlements Steamwheedle Port
Caverns of Time
Lost Rigger Cove
Minor settlements Dunemaul Compound
Sandsorrow Watch
Affiliation Steamwheedle Cartel, Farraki tribe, Southsea Freebooters, Dunemaul clan, Wastewander, Bronze dragonflight
Location Southeastern Kalimdor
PvP status Contested territory

Tanaris is a desert located in southeastern Kalimdor, east of Un'Goro Crater and south of Thousand Needles. It is an arid land, covered in sand dunes and frequently exposed to dangerous sandstorms. The Steamwheedle Cartel has its main base of operations here - Steamwheedle Port and Gadgetzan have been founded by the goblins of Undermine since this desert is as close to home as they can get on the continents. The dock in Steamwheedle is presumably used for transport to the outer islands, but so far, the goblins have proved unwilling to share the ships with the other races.



The Tanaris Desert has been an endless sea of sand for aeons. Nozdormu, the great dragon of time, was said to make this land his home since time immemorial, thriving in the solitude of oppressive heat and miles of sand.

Tanaris is the ancestral home of the bronze dragonflight based out of the Caverns of Time. The titans also have a holding here in form of the ancient city of Uldum, found in the southern parts of the desert. It was here that Anachronos first discovered the full threat of the silithid, who had been making hives in the remote regions of Tanaris. The War of the Shifting Sands was consequently unleashed upon the western land of Silithus.

Getting there

From Thalanaar, head east through Thousand Needles and south through the Shimmering Flats. Through the mountain pass to the south of the flats lies Gadgetzan.
From Freewind Post travel east into the Shimmering Flats, then head south through the mountain pass to Gadgetzan.


The Tanaris Desert covers a vast expanse of southern Kalimdor, just south of the Thousand Needles. It is a blazing hot expanse of rolling sand dunes under a cloudless sky. The southern region is more mountainous, with large cavern networks - some extending deep beneath the surface. A vast realm, the Tanaris Desert holds many secrets. The land is mostly desert, and below the ground are gigantic tunnel networks. They remain largely unexplored, for few have the fortitude to venture into such a harsh landscape. Still, rumors tell of all manner of creatures that hide within the tunnels and slaughter trespassers without hesitation. Although the sea of dunes does not look as if it would support a variety of wildlife, humans, Sandfury Trolls, hyenas, scorpids, basilisks, and silithid bugs are quite common. Occasionally drakes are also seen soaring on the thermals that swirl over the great desert.

It is home to a single instance; Zul'Farrak, as well as several micro dungeons.

Maps and subregions

Map of Tanaris

Abyssal SandsBroken PillarCaverns of TimeDunemaul Compound
Eastmoon RuinsGadgetzanThe Gaping ChasmLand's End Beach
Lost Rigger CoveNoonshade RuinsThe Noxious LairSandsorrow Watch
Southbreak ShoreSouthmoon RuinsSteamwheedle PortThistleshrub Valley
UldumValley of the WatchersWaterspring FieldWavestrider Beach
Zalashji's DenZul'Farrak

Warcraft RPG

Northrock (RPG)

Topographic map of Tanaris



Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Zul'Farrak 43-48 5-man 3-4 Hours

Elite areas

Travel hubs


Noonshade Ruins

AllianceHorde Flight paths from Gadgetzan

Adjacent regions

Zone name Faction Level range Direction Access
Thousand Needles Horde Alliance 25-35 North By foot or Horde flightpath from Gadgetzan to Freewind Post
Un'Goro Crater Horde Alliance 48-55 West By foot or flightpaths from Gadgetzan to Marshal's Refuge

Notable characters

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Tanaris is home to several characters of note. At Gadgetzan, Mux Manascrambler seeks aid in obtaining ghostly ectoplasm from undead spirits, and Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser investigates the coming of the silithid. And at Steamwheedle Port, Yeh'kinya attempts to learn more of the essence of an ancient god...


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Thistleshrub Valley

Wild creatures

The Noxious Lair

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