Encounter by type
Add fight Add fight
Battle for survival Battle for survival
Council encounterCouncil encounterCouncil encounter Council encounter
DPS race DPS race
Gear check Gear check
Stay out of the fire Stay out of the fire
Tank and spankTank and spank Tank and spank

Tank and Spank is the most common type of PvE fight. Tank holds aggro, DPS nuke the mob(s), healers keep the tank alive. The only common complication in fights of this type is aggro - damage dealers must be careful not to generate more threat than the tank.

The expression is sometimes used derogatorily, meaning that the essential battle tactics for a boss are pitifully simple outside of perhaps a very visible and avoidable AoE. Occasionally this simplicity is used for gear check fights, so players can be more certain it is simply their equipment that must be brought to par.

Examples: Attumen the Huntsman, Patchwerk, Garalon, Sha of Fear, Sha of Pride, Gruul, Kromog