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Tanzanite is a variant of purple crystal. Various gems used in Jewelcrafting are made of tanzanite.

Pendants have been made from tanzanite.[1]


Elemental creatures consisting of tanzanite can be found in an unnamed cave in the north-eastern part of Tel'anor in Suramar.

The cave is full of purple crystal nodes varying from small to massive in size. The nodes are likely to consist of tanzanite as they share the purple color of the crystals on the creatures within the cave.

Garvrulg, a drogbar exile from the Slatecrusher tribe can also be found within the back of the cave.


There is no player-obtainable raw gem named tanzanite, so there are no craftable designs for them. However, there are a number of cut tanzanite gems that drop from instance bosses in Heroic mode.

Purple, match UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red or UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue sockets.
Name Effect Source (Heroic Bosses)
 [Defender's Tanzanite] +5 Parry +6 Stamina Mechanar
 [Etched Tanzanite] +5 Strength +4 Hit Shadow Labyrinth
 [Glinting Tanzanite] +5 Agility +4 Hit The Black Morass/Sethekk Halls
 [Mysterious Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +6 Spell Penetration Botanica
 [Purified Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +4 Spirit Auchenai Crypts/Blood Furnace/
Botanica/Old Hillsbrad/Slave Pens
 [Shifting Tanzanite] +5 Agilty +6 Stamina Steamvault/Botanica
 [Sovereign Tanzanite] +5 Strength +6 Stamina Shattered Halls
 [Timeless Tanzanite] +5 Strength +6 Stamina The Black Morass/Mana-Tombs/Sethekk Halls
 [Veiled Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +4 Hit Mechanar