• Taretha's Necklace
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • "A crescent moon dangling from a silver chain."

Taretha Foxton in Hearthstone wearing the necklace.

Taretha's Necklace once belonged to Taretha Foxton, the foster sister of Thrall. It has a dent, a slight misshaping of the bottom horn of the crescent.[1]

When Taretha helped Thrall to escape from Durnholde, she gave him supplies as well as her necklace. She instructed him to put the necklace in the trunk of a nearby old tree struck by lightning should he need her aid again. He held onto it and even managed to hide it when he was captured by Alliance soldiers. Later, as Thrall found the free orcs and set out to liberate rest of the orcs from internment camps, he placed the necklace in the tree as instructed. Taretha had been checking the trunk until she suddenly found her missing necklace. When they reunited the day before the attack on Durnholde, she left the necklace with Thrall again, with words to give it to his child. Ultimately, with Taretha's death and the fall of Durnholde, Thrall ordered Grommash Hellscream to find the Foxtons and deliver them the necklace.[2]

Years later, Thrall sent a group of orcs led by Gol'dir to retrieve the necklace from Durnholde.[3] Gol'dir was captured in Strahnbrad. While there, he saw Elysa wearing the necklace.[4] Elysa was tracked down, and she gave it to a Horde adventurer who delivered it to Krusk.[5]

It is currently one of Thrall's few treasured possessions and keepsake, carried with him wherever he goes. He brought it with him to the Maelstrom during the Cataclysm. When Thrall embarked on a journey to find Nozdormu across alternate timeways, he emerged in an Azeroth where Taretha Foxton was alive. Trying to convince her of his good intentions, he allowed her to search his backpack that contained the necklace. Although surprised to see an identical necklace to the one she was wearing, she believed Thrall's story and briefly aided him.[1]


This item was provided by Elysa for the quest H [40] Taretha's Gift in Hillsbrad Foothills.

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