Image of Tarnon
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar
Location Herb Garden, Frostwall
Status Alive

Tarnon is a tauren located in the Frostwall's Herb Garden. He sells gardening accessories and if a follower is assigned to the building, he provides the option to plant one type of Draenor seeds. He wishes to get rid of the Frostwall Nibblers so he can tend to the garden.

Vendor sells

Inv misc 1h farmhoe a 01.png [Garden Hoe]
2500g 500 Draenic Seeds
Inv misc 1h farmsickle a 01.png [Garden Sickle]
2500g 500 Draenic Seeds
Inv misc 2h farmscythe a 01.png [Garden Scythe]
5000g 1,000 Draenic Seeds
Inv misc 2h farmpitchfork a 01.png [Garden Pitchfork]
5000g 1,000 Draenic Seeds
Inv misc 2h farmshovel a 01.png [Garden Shovel]
5000g 1,000 Draenic Seeds
Inv misc food 54.png [Crazy Carrot]
1,000 Draenic Seeds

As he is affiliated with a faction, discount will be provided.



  • Beautiful day commander.
  • Don't all the plants look great?
  • Everything is growing so well here.

Gossip I would like to pick what we plant next.

Ok commander, I am currently planting <a random set of herbs / plant name>. Would you like me to switch to something specific?
Gossip Frostweed.
Gossip Starflower.
Gossip Fireweed.
Gossip Talador Orchid.
Gossip Gorgrond Flytrap.
Gossip Nagrand Arrowbloom.
Gossip Let's go with a random planting.

Buy I want to browse your goods.

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