Not to be confused with Tarindrella.
Image of Taryndrella
Title The Impressive
Gender Female
Race Dryad
Class Druid
Location Stonetalon Mountains
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Aramar Thorne (bondmate)
Companion(s) Makasa Flintwill, Hackle, Murky, and Galena Stormspear (friends), Thalyss Greyoak (former tender)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Taryndrella (short Drella) is a dryad that grew from the Seed of Thalyss when Aramar Thorne dropped the acorn into water, forming a special bond between them.

During the course of their journey, she was imprisoned in Razorfen Downs where she was to be sacrificed to Amnennar the Coldbringer and later into Zul'Farrak by the Sandfury tribe who summoned their loa, Mueh'zala, and attempted to sacrifice her to him.

Upon assisting her friends in Gadgetzan against the Hidden,[1] she was taken into Thal'darah Overlook where the bond between Aram was to be severed. There, she became friends with Galena Stormspear who assisted Master Thal'darah with the ritual which, however, was unsuccessful. She later found Aram trying to get to the Northwatch Expedition Base Camp to meet his uncle. However, when they got there, they were ambushed by the Hidden. Upon being stabbed by Zathra, Malus killed Drella, severing the bond.[2] She was buried in a nearby valley by her friends. From her grave, a big tree grew.[3]


  • Her eye color is green.
  • One of her favorite meals are apples.[4]