For the warrior ability, see [Taunt]. For the hunter pet ability, see [Taunt].

Taunt can refer to several things in World of Warcraft.

Aggro management

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Taunt can refer to the class abilities that allow players to attract attention of a mob. They include the following:

Other classes have high aggro abilities that generate set amount of threat. They include:

These abilities do not function identically. "True" taunts both force a mob to attack the taunter for a few seconds and give the taunter enough threat to top the aggro list. Other abilities (like Challenging Roar and Challenging Shout) compel temporary attacks but do not give aggro; if the taunter fails to build aggro quickly, the monster will go back to its previous target when the effect expires. Still others merely generate a large chunk of threat, but do not compel mobs at all.

Verbal discourse

Taunting Dwarf
  • Using /yell to call members of the enemy force Bad Names during PvP Raids.
    • Note: The enemy force only see gibberish when you do this, so it tends to be a bit lost on them, but they get the general idea.
  • Using the slash command /taunt to show an animation and play a sound that would be spiteful to an enemy player. /chicken and /rude are similar.