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For the warrior ability, see Spell nature reincarnation [Taunt]. For the hunter pet ability, see Spell nature reincarnation [Taunt].
A taunting dwarf

A taunt is an effect or ability that forces mobs to focus on the caster for a short time, regardless of threat levels. Most taunt abilities also increase threat generation while they're active. All classes with a tank specialization have a taunt.


Focused Assault[]

Focused Assault (PvP talent debuff)

A training dummy with Focused Assault

Players cannot be taunted. However, each tank specialization has a PvP talent that replaces their taunt ability with a group PvP-oriented version. The replacement ability applies a debuff called Focused Assault, which puts red crosshairs on the target and increases damage taken, gaining a stack for each unique player that attacks the target.

In essence, Focused Assault is a reverse taunt: Instead of causing an enemy to attack the caster, it incentivizes the caster's allies to attack a specific enemy.

Focused Assault PvP talents include the following: