Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
Tazavesh loading screen.png
Race(s) IconSmall Broker.gif Broker
End boss So'leah
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 60
Player limit 5

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market an eight-boss Mythic megadungeon set in a bazaar of the mysterious brokers, facing off against dastardly assassins, four-armed broker guards, an infinite dragon pirate, and other enemies as a wayward broker is chased down before she can unleash the might of a stolen artifact to realize her own designs.[1]

Tazavesh has a (small) open world area outside the dungeon, the Docks, which contains a few generic non-interactive NPCs.

Getting there

To unlock access to Tazavesh, players must complete a short quest chain starting in the Idyllia of Oribos:

  1. N [60] The Al'ley Cat of Oribos
  2. N [60] Insider Trading, N [60] Things Best Kept Dark
  3. N [60] Seeking Smugglers
  4. N [60] Above My Station
  5. N [60] Dead Drop
  6. N [60] Coins for the Ferryman
  7. N [60] The Veiled Market
  8. N [60D] Tazavesh: Raiders of the Lost Artifact

After completing the quest chain, players will come across the broker flight master Ta'rellano that can be used to provide quick access going forward.

Adventure Guide

The ruthless cartel boss So'leah means to conduct a heist that spans the realms in order to claim Progenitor secrets. Her only opposition is the disgraced broker Al'dalil and his ragtag crew who must navigate the mysterious Veiled Market and stop So'leah before she claims this forbidden power.


Zo'phex the Sentinel
To gain entry beyond the gilded gates of Tazavesh, all must pass the sentinel, Zo'phex. Obsessed with security, Zo'phex ensures any contraband is immediately incinerated along with anyone holding the offending items.
The Grand Menagerie
The Xy cartel "acquire" rare and valuable items to sell within their menagerie. Nothing is off-limits, exotic beasts, forbidden technology, even cursed artifacts are all on display. They guarantee to have your heart's desire, as long as you can pay the price.
Mailroom Mayhem
Something has gone wrong at the Primary Office for Sending Things (P.O.S.T.). Dimensional portals are scattering deliveries and the automation that runs the office is malfunctioning. If the chaos is not sorted soon, the city could go postal.
Myza's Oasis
The drinks are ethereal, the ambiance intoxicating, and the live performers may not leave that way if they fail to please the crowd. Within Tazavesh, this is the only neutral space where brokers from every cartel gather to deal in the shadows.
Among brokers who live by the blade, none match So'azmi's skill. Cartel So's lethal assassin, So'azmi is always perfecting his technique. As such, it gives him great pleasure to instruct his enemies in the art of fighting, before delivering his final stroke.
Left to guard an ancient Titan artifact, its recent theft has awoken, Hylbrande, Sword of the Keepers. The only hope of escape is to dismantle the myriad of security protocols at Hylbrande's command or become permanent residents of the tomb.
Timecap'n Hooktail
Months of planning went down the latrine when So'leah appeared in the middle of Timecap'n Hooktail's heist and stole her prize. Consumed by rage, the pirate queen unleashes her true form and rampages over anyone caught in her path.
So'leah's thirst for power culminates in this final battle. Unleashing a force she does not fully understand, the cartel boss is transformed into a creature of unbridled ferocity. As rampant energy spills from the artifact, So'leah must be stopped before her actions tear down Tazavesh's foundations.

Other notable inhabitants

The Docks


Tazavesh mounts
Mount Source Notes
 [Cartel Master's Gearglider] So'leah Drop
 [Tazavesh Gearglider]  [Fake It 'Til You Make It] Hard mode
Tazavesh pets
Pet Source Notes
Curious Purrkin Varies Pet battle
Damp Skrat Varies Pet battle
 [Gizmo] P.O.S.T. Master Drop
 [Rarity] ? ?
Scavenging Skrat Varies Pet battle
Silver Purrkin Varies Pet battle

Maps and subregions



  • Tazavesh Customs Enforcement
  • Noc and Nam's Bazaar of Tangible Delights
  • The P.O.S.T.
  • Stormheim
    • Vault of Aggramar
  • Boralus Harbor
  • Cartel So' Restricted Terminal


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