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Team 1 is a designation for one of the internal development teams of Blizzard Entertainment. As of late 2020, it consisted of around 200 individuals.[1]


Team 1's existence (in form, if not in name)[2] stems back to at least 1994. Indeed, before and during the development of World of Warcraft, Blizzard only had a single internal development team, which managed every videogame released, except the Diablo series. After the release of World of Warcraft, it was clear that Blizzard needed a dedicated team to update and expand the game, so they split the workforce and created Team 2 to continue the development of World of Warcraft, while Team 1 would take charge of the StarCraft II project. Blizzard thus started to identify their internal teams by a number.[2]

From 2012-2019, Team 1 was in charge of Heroes of the Storm. Prior to that, the team had made "box products" for 15-20 years,[3] which involved a more traditional schedule: working on a title for a couple of years, and then releasing it, and perhaps producing an expansion another couple of years later.[3] Heroes of the Storm, however, is in a "constant state of evolution", and the team plans to maintain their schedule of content and adjustment releases every 4-6 weeks.[3]

As of April 2019, Heroes of the Storm is now part of the Classic Games team.[4]

Team 1 worked on Warcraft III: Reforged.[5] However, the game was poorly received. Team 1's next project was a remake of Diablo II, but in a postmortem of Reforged, Team 1 was removed from the project, and development turned over to Team 3 and Vicarious Visions.

On Oct. 15, 2020, Blizzard informed members of Team 1 that it was reorganizing the entire division. In the following weeks, members of the team were given opportunities to interview for jobs elsewhere within Blizzard. Those who did not find positions in the company were gradually cut. Others left for independent studios such as Frost Giant Studios and DreamHaven Inc.[1] By January 2021, Team 1 had been removed from development of Reforged, and replaced with a new division.[5]



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