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AllianceTeam Carry
Start Dorian Atwater
End Dorian Atwater
Level 40-70
Category Kul Tiran
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [40-70] Frame Work
Next A [40-70] This Lumber is Haunted & A [40-70] The Bleak Hills


Collect 4 heavy lumber and take it to the drop-off point.


Algerson is about as useful as a legless horse. We're going to do this ourselves.

The mill is overrun with bizarre creatures. I'll handle those. You and these hearty volunteers will need to be the muscle of this operation.

Don't look at me like that, <class>. It's just a little lifting.

Once we have enough lumber, Sal will meet us for a pick up. Just stay close to me and focus on not dropping my wood, yes?


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Why are you all sweaty?


On accepting this quest:

Dorian Atwater says: And you made it sound like they didn't want to be useful.
Dorian and the Algerson Lumberjacks begin following the adventurer.

On entering combat, Dorian may say one of the following lines:

  • Dorian Atwater says: Don't fret, I've got you.
  • Dorian Atwater says: I'll handle this. Don't drop my lumber.
  • Dorian Atwater says: Just focus on the wood.
  • Dorian Atwater says: No need to panic.
  • Dorian Atwater says: Stay at it. I'll take care of this.

On getting the second load, your hands are needed to pull the ropes lashed to your logs, so you'll need to use the action bar provided to call for Dorian's help to kill your attackers, and heal you if needed.

As the crew picks up each of the first three pieces of Heavy Lumber, Dorian will say one of the following lines:

  • Dorian Atwater says: Earn your keep, lads!
  • Dorian Atwater says: Hup hup! Keep it moving!
  • Dorian Atwater says: Lift with the legs.
  • Dorian Atwater says: Put your backs into it.
  • Dorian Atwater says: Faster you lift, faster we leave.

After picking up the fourth piece:

Dorian Atwater says: That'll do for now. Follow me.
Dorian runs a short distance ahead upslope, leading the way to the drop point.
Dorian Atwater says: Sal should be waiting just up this path. Doesn't look too steep.
Dorian Atwater says: Did you hear that?
A small group of wicker constructs appears, and you direct Dorian to fight them off.
Dorian Atwater says: Depths below, I hate this forest.

Stopping on the way to the drop point may cause Dorian to say one of the following lines:

  • Dorian Atwater says: Come on, I can't carry you AND the wood.
  • Dorian Atwater says: Do you WANT me to shout at you?
  • Dorian Atwater says: I suppose I do have all day.
  • Dorian Atwater says: I've seen tortollans move faster than this.
  • Dorian Atwater says: You make this look difficult.

Reaching the drop point:

Sal Atwater says: Hello, pumpkin.
Dorian Atwater says: Did you have any trouble getting these rocks to move?
Sal Atwater says: They were quite helpful, actually. Ah... dearest?
The lumberjacks pile up the logs, which begin to seep with Drust magic.
Dorian Atwater says: What is it, Sal?
Sal Atwater says: I think this lumber is haunted.


  1. A [40-70] Made in Kul Tiras
  2. A [40-70] The Master Shipwright
  3. A [40-70] Fish Tales and Distant Sails
  4. A [40-70] Home, Home On the Range
  5. A [40-70] I'm Too Old for This Ship
  6. A [40-70] Covering Our Masts & A [40-70] The Deep Ones
  7. A [40-70] Frame Work
  8. A [40-70] Team Carry
  9. Complete all of:
    1. A [40-70] This Lumber is Haunted
    2. A [40-70] Gorak Tul's Influence
    3. A [40-70] Balance in All Things
    1. A [40-70] The Bleak Hills
    2. A [40-70] Drop It!
    3. A [40-70] Her Dog Days Are Over
    4. A [40-70] Make it Wright
  10. A [40-70] Summons from Dorian
  11. A [40-70] A Worthy Crew
  12. A [40-70] Blessing of the Tides
  13. A [40-70] Allegiance of Kul Tiras

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