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All Aboard for Undercity TCG

The zeppelin, a goblin invention, became a common means for intercontinental travel after the Third War.

DX-9000 Spider Tank Legionkiller

A mechano-tank designed by the gnomes.


The Xenedar, a dimensional ship built by the naaru.

The term technology in the Warcraft universe, as in reality, is used to refer to modern or less traditional inventions, thus excluding older achievements such as architectural engineering or metalworking.

Technology can most commonly be observed as machines and devices created by the gnomes, the goblins or the dwarves, however, the different races of Azeroth had less interactions with each other until a few decades ago, making it hard to tell whether a certain invention is only a few years or thousands of years old. Among their most common pieces of technology are firearms, steam or oil-powered engines, clockwork devices, rockets, and the like.

Trends in globalization in recent years probably benefited both the propagation of earlier technology and the invention of new devices, still their use is preferred mainly by the three peoples mentioned earlier. Other races such as the tauren or the night elves may avoid most contact with modern technology due to living in close relationship with nature, while others simply have no need of it thanks to their magical abilities, as was the case of the high elves.

Even more recently, contact with species alien to Azeroth and the discovery of ancient facilities in remote places of this planet revealed technologies far beyond even the capabilities of gnomes and goblins. Such are the ships capable of leaving a planet and travel across the Great Dark Beyond (some at unimaginable speeds), the machines that have created intelligent living beings out of stone and metal in ancient times[1] or the use of crystals to gather arcane energy and power appliances.

Supporters of modern technology remind us that, although historians would not always acknowledge it, the advances in science played no small role in winning the Third War. According to them, past misdeeds of magic wielders outweigh the occasional accidents produced by new inventions.

Over the years since the Third War, Azeroth saw various advances in technology. Not only the traditional goblin and gnomish technology expanded, but various other nations have had their advances. Notably, during the Alliance-Horde war on Pandaria, Garrosh and his True Horde saw various new machineries and weapons that supported his units and the war due to the Blackfuse Company. After his defeat in his compound, the Underhold, Garrosh escaped to an alternate version of Draenor in the past and brought many new ideas to the orc clans that he united. With their new warfare methods and tools, the Iron Horde was born. Over the years, various titan facilities and wondrous technology on Azeroth were discovered and explored by explorers and adventurers.

With the re-emergence of Mechagon Island and Mechagon mechagnomes, new types of inventions were presented into the world and to the Alliance.

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Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

What is technology? In simplest terms, it is science applied to practical use. Thus, by this definition, a simple can opener is a technological device. A more accurate description is that technology is the system by which an entire society provides for the wants and needs of its population. Technology tends to improve as the demand for it increases. A society might go decades or even centuries without a major advancement before some bright inventor comes up with something that alters the fundamental way things are done. For example, wagon wheels help move heavy loads from place to place, while wheels of stone grind meal into flour. Put notches in a wheel, connect them together, and you have gears that can drive even more complicated devices. All too frequently, war is the primary driver of technological advancements.[2]

Technology is an art worth talking about! Historians may not always acknowledge the fact, but those who fought on the battlefield understand that the Third War could not have turned out as it did in the absence of technology. How were troops moved quickly across great distances? What blasted gargoyles and dragons alike from the skies? How were the enemy buildings demolished? Technology relies upon ingenuity, know-how, craft, physical materials — and perhaps not a little disregard for one's safety. (Sudden explosions, unfortunately, are a hazard of the trade.) Magic messed up the world; technology will take it to grand, new heights.[3]

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