This item is sold by the following Argent Tournament vendors for 25 Champion's Seal:

This item is available to Alliance only. The Horde equivalent is  [Axe of the Sen'jin Protector].


Being a weapon with parry rating, this weapon is clearly intended for a tanking role. Being an epic weapon, it has been compared to the [Red Sword of Courage].

The trade-offs for this weapon (vs the Red Sword) are: slightly higher strength and defense rating, significantly lower stamina, incrementally slower swing speed and trading off the Red Sword's hit rating and dodge rating for parry rating. In addition, the Teldrassil Protector can be gained in a more reliable fashion than relying to chance in multiple heroic Utgarde Pinnacle runs.

Your choices between the two will depend mostly on whether you favor the hit rating, dodge rating and stamina, or the parry rating. All of these values are roughly within the range granted by individual gems, though those gems would need to be placed on other equipment.

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