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Teldrassil ia a level 1-10 Alliance zone, the starting zone for night elves. It begins with the night elf starting experience in Shadowglen, then proceeds to Dolanaar. The main plot involves investigating the corruption affecting the creatures of Teldrassil — a remnant of the curse that fell upon the colossal tree after when the Aspects refused to bless it — and traveling between the different moonwells to gather samples of water needed to reveal and destroy the corruption's source. Throughout the plot, the hero sees multiple visions explaining the major developments in night elf society since the Battle of Mount Hyjal.


On the way to Dolanaar, Zenn Foulhoof asks players to find him some regeants from the forest, which results in players being disciplined by the Night Elves of Dolanaar. To atone for their actions, players trick Zenn into consuming Fel Cones.

  1. A [1-30] Zenn's Bidding
  2. A [1-30] Seek Redemption!
  3. A [1-30] Nature's Reprisal & A [1-30] Twisted Hatred

In Dolanaar itself, there are several parallel quest chains available.

After turning in A [1-10] Teldrassil: Passing Awareness, Corithras Moonrage offers A IconSmall NightElf Male.gifIconSmall NightElf Female.gif [1-30] Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects. This chain will not be continued for a while.

Nyoma starts a quest chain to familiarize the player with flight paths:

  1. A [1-30] Reminders of Home
  2. A [1-30] To Darnassus
  3. A [1-30] An Unexpected Gift
  4. A [1-30] Return to Nyoma

Tallonkai Swiftroot starts a quest chain sending players to Starbreeze Village to recover his lost dreamcatcher:

  1. A [1-30] The Emerald Dreamcatcher
  2. A [1-30] Ferocitas the Dream Eater

Athridas Bearmantle starts the main quest chain of Dolanaar, which has players combating to the corruption that is afflicting Darnassus. To begin with, players defend the hibernating Druids of the Talon as they are attacked by Furbolg of the Gnarlpine tribe that were corrupted along with Teldrassil. Players are then sent to Denalan to investigate the corrupted vegetation of the tree starting with A [1-30] Denalan's Earth.

  1. A [1-30] A Troubling Breeze
  2. A [1-30] Gnarlpine Corruption
  3. A [1-30] The Relics of Wakening
    1. A [1-30] The Sleeping Druid
    2. A [1-30] Druid of the Claw
  4. A [1-30] Ursal the Mauler
  5. A [1-30] Denalan's Earth
  6. A [1-30] Timberling Seeds & A [1-30] Timberling Sprouts
  7. A [1-30] Rellian Greenspyre
  8. A [1-30] Mossy Tumors
  9. A [1-30] Oakenscowl

Finale: The Vengeance of Elune

To unlock the final quest chain, complete all of:

After that, a new quest chain opens from Corithras Moonrage as players fight the source of all the corruption on Teldrassil - the Bough of Corruption. Defeating it cleanses the corruption from Teldrassil once and for all.

  1. A [1-30] Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei
  2. A [1-30] Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn
  3. A [1-30] The Vengeance of Elune
  4. A [1-30] The Waters of Teldrassil
  5. A [1-30] Home of the Kaldorei

In the Temple of the Moon, Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow offers A [5-30] Breaking Waves of Change, which leads players to Darkshore.

Full Quest List

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
A [1-30] Zenn's Bidding Zenn Foulhoof Zenn Foulhoof 450 --  [Foul Bag] and  [Severed Voodoo Claw] x5
Collect some regents from around the forest for Zenn Foulhoof's "business".
A [1-30] Seek Redemption! Syral Bladeleaf Zenn Foulhoof 540 +500 Darnassus 1s 25c Collect fel cones from around the forest and transform Zenn Foulhoof into a frog with them.
A [1-30] Nature's Reprisal Syral Bladeleaf Syral Bladeleaf 630 +250 Darnassus 1s 75c Use Ireroot Seeds to slay the Grellkin infesting Teldrassil.
A [1-30] Twisted Hatred Tallonkai Swiftroot Tallonkai Swiftroot 630 +250 Darnassus  [Feral Bracers] or  [Viny Wrappings] or  [Swiftroot Boots] Slay Lord Melenas, a Satyr who has rallied the Grellkin of the area.
Alliance 15.png [6] Teldrassil: The Refusal
of the Aspects
Corithras Moonrage Corithras Moonrage 540 +250 Darnassus -- Drink from the water of a moonwell in Dolanaar to learn more about the past of the Night Elves.
A [1-30] Reminders of Home Nyoma Fidelio 160 +25 Darnassus -- Bring a book of recipes to Sister Aquinne in Darnassus to cure her homesickness.
A [1-30] To Darnassus Fidelio Sister Aquinne 160 +25 Darnassus -- Fly to Darnassus and deliver Sister Aquinne the recipe book.
A [1-30] An Unexpected Gift Sister Aquinne Leora 315 +75 Darnassus -- Bring a thank you note back to Dolanaar.
A [1-30] Return to Nyoma Leora Nyoma 630 +350 Darnassus 1s 25c Deliver Sister Aquinne's thank you note to Leora.
A [1-30] The Emerald Dreamcatcher Tallonkai Swiftroot Tallonkai Swiftroot 405 +150 Darnassus 1s Recover Tallonkai's dreamcatcher from Starbreeze Village where it was left.
A [1-30] Ferocitas the Dream Eater Tallonkai Swiftroot Tallonkai Swiftroot 680 +350 Darnassus 2s 50c Return to Starbreeze Village and slay the Furbolg to find Tallonkai's stolen emerald.
A [1-30] A Troubling Breeze Athridas Bearmantle Gaerolas Talvethren 270 +75 Darnassus -- Find Gaerolas Talvethren at the barrow dens to see if something is wrong.
A [1-30] Gnarlpine Corruption Gaerolas Talvethren Athridas Bearmantle 540 +250 Darnassus 1s 25c Return to Athridas and warn him that the Gnarlpine Furbolg are corrupted again.
A [1-30] The Relics of Wakening Athridas Bearmantle Athridas Bearmantle 700 +250 Darnassus  [Dream Carrier] and  [Gritroot Belt] or Barkmail Leggings
2s 25c
Retrieve the relics of wakening to end the hibernation of the Druids.
A [1-30] Resident Danger Sentinel Kyra Starsong Sentinel Kyra Starsong 790 +250 Darnassus 3s 50c Slay the Gnarlpine Furbolg in the Barrow Dens to curb their power.
A [1-30] The Sleeping Druid Oben Rageclaw Oben Rageclaw 700 +250 Darnassus -- Figure out how the Gnarlpine shaman are controlling Oben Rageclaw's body.
A [1-30] Druid of the Claw Oben Rageclaw Oben Rageclaw 1,050 +350 Darnassus  [Sleeping Robes] or  [Brushwood Blade]
3s 50c
Destroy Oben Rageclaw's body so his spirit may be freed from the Furbolg.
A [1-30] Ursal the Mauler Athridas Bearmantle Athridas Bearmantle 980 +350 Darnassus  [Thornroot Vest] or  [Thornroot Cord]
Slay Ursal the Mauler, the source of the Gnarlpine corruption.
A [1-30] The Road to Darnassus Moon Priestess Amara Moon Priestess Amara 780 +250 Darnassus 3s The Gnarlpine are attacking travelers on the road to Darnassus and must be removed.
A [1-30] Denalan's Earth Syral Bladeleaf Denalan 390 +75 Darnassus 1s 50c Take a package of earth to Denalan at Lake Al'Ameth.
A [1-30] Timberling Seeds Denalan Denalan 780 +250 Darnassus  [Forest Mushroom Cap] x10
Collect seeds from the timberlings around Lake Al'Ameth so Denalan can try to cure them.
A [1-30] Timberling Sprouts Denalan Denalan 980 +350 Darnassus  [Gardening Gloves] or  [Graystone Bracers]
Eliminate the Timberling Sprouts from around the lake before they can grow up.
A [1-30] The Glowing Fruit Strange Fruited Plant Denalan 780 +250 Darnassus 3s Bring the mysterious glowing fruit to Denalan for study.
A [1-30] The Shimmering Frond Strange Fronded Plant Denalan 780 +250 Darnassus 3s Bring the mysterious shimmering frond to Denalan for study.
A [1-30] The Sprouted Fronds  [Sprouted Frond]  [Sprouted Frond] 85 +10 Darnassus  [Sprouted Frond] x5 Pick some sprouted fronds from Denalan's garden.
A [1-30] The Moss-twined Heart  [Moss-Twined Heart] Denalan 455 +75 Darnassus -- Bring the mysterious Timberling heart to Denalan for study.
A [1-30] Planting the Heart Denalan Denalan's Planter 910 +250 Darnassus  [Cleansed Timberling Heart] Cleanse the tainted Timberling heart in Denalan's Planter.
A [1-30] Rellian Greenspyre Denalan Rellian Greenspyre 590 +75 Darnassus 2s Bring a Timberling seed to Rellian Greenspyre for study.
A [1-30] Mossy Tumors Rellian Greenspyre Rellian Greenspyre 980 +350 Darnassus  [Pruning Knife]
Cut down the corrupted Timberlings around Wellspring Lake.
A [1-30] Oakenscowl Denalan Denalan 840 +250 Darnassus  [Dirtwood Belt] or  [Moss-Covered Gauntlets]
3s 50c
Slay Oakenscowl and collect the great tumor corrupting him.
A [1-30] Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei Corithras Moonrage Corithras Moonrage 780 +150 Darnassus -- Drink from the Amethyst Phial and learn more about the past of the Night Elves.
A [1-30] The Enchanted Glade Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak 840 +75 Darnassus  [Shackled Bindings] or  [Rain-Spotted Cape] Repel the harpies from the Oracle Tree.
A [1-30] Mist Mist Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak 1,560 +250 Darnassus  [Cord Bracers] or  [Cloudsbreak Gloves] or  [Crag Buckler]
3s 50c
Escort the wounded sabercat Mist back to Sentinel Aryna at the Oracle Tree.
A [1-30] Tears of the Moon Priestess A'moora Priestess A'moora 1,050 +350 Darnassus 7s End the suffering of the corrupted Lady Sathrah.
A [1-30] Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn Corithras Moonrage Tarindrella 780 +250 Darnassus -- Bring a final phial of water to Tarindrella and learn the last of the Night Elven history.
A [1-30] The Vengeance of Elune Tarindrella Tarindrella 1,050 --  [Revitalizing Wristguards] or  [Britches of Turning Fortune] or  [Uncorrupted Hands] or  [Durable Drape]
Eliminate the source of all Teldrassil's corruption, the Bough of Corruption.
A [1-30] The Waters of Teldrassil Tarindrella Corithras Moonrage 880 +350 Darnassus  [Verdigris Leggings] or  [Grassy Bindings] or  [Thicket Hammer] or  [Ashwood Bow] Return the waters of the moonwell to Corithras Moonrage.
A [1-30] Home of the Kaldorei Corithras Moonrage Tyrande Whisperwind 880 +250 Darnassus 4s Bring the moonwell's water to Tyrande Whisperwind in Darnassus.
A [5-30] Breaking Waves of Change Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow Dentaria Silverglade 210 +25 Darnassus 85c Go to Darkshore where the Night Elves are in desperate need of help.