Teleportation is the second most famous use of arcane magic school called transmutation.[1] It is taught by the mages of Kirin Tor in Dalaran. Magi use their knowledge of the arcane to bend the fabric of reality to circumvent the distance between two points. Teleportation is an internal effort that transforms the mage into a portal.[2] [Blink] is the most basic teleportation spell. The Kirin Tor designates specific destinations for teleportation spells to prevent mages from accidentally teleporting into other objects or people.[1]

Jaina Proudmoore is a skilled transmuter, and has developed a powerful variation of the mass-teleport spell capable of moving a significant portion of an army with minimal effort.[1] The goblin Akazamzarak is a master of portals and teleportation.[3]

According to Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver, portal and teleport spells are a great privilege and responsibility; however, portals and teleportations are negatively used as a means for garbage repository in the Twisting Nether.[4]

Mass Teleport is an extremely powerful spell that allows the archmage to teleport himself and his army. However, due to the delicate nature of the spell, archmagi can only teleport to places where someone they know currently is.[5]

For a caster to include anyone but themselves in the teleportation spell required line of sight—at least. However, Archmage Antonidas once told Jaina that one could also do it if one was in what he called “line of mind.” It required the mage to reach out and touch the thoughts of whomever they wished to teleport. This was a lot riskier, as there were many whose minds were difficult or dangerous to touch. Other mages and demons generally had protections against such things, and even someone particularly strong-willed would probably be able to resist.[6]

Forest stalkers were native to many areas of Draenor, and following the planet's destruction they became corrupted by the Burning Legion into warp stalkers and gained the ability to teleport by phasing in and out of the physical and astral dimensions at will.[7]

Teleportation can be twisted so that the mage is able to send power to another, just like the Order of Tirisfal used to do with their Spearheads.[8]

Following the orc invasions of Azeroth, teleportation spells were temporarily perturbed by emanations from the region where the Dark Portal laid. During that time, only the most powerful mages such as Medivh used those spells with confidence, for an unwary spellcaster might have otherwise materialized away from their intended target.[9] This didn't stop the expert mages of the Kirin Tor teleporting to Dalaran from their embassy in Capital City.[10]

A mage specialized in teleportation is called a telemancer. The arrival of the nightborne and their telemancers in the Horde greatly improved their teleportation network, as seen in their Zandalar expedition.[11]

Instances of teleportation

Dalaran caught in the blink spell, seconds before teleporting to the Broken Isles.


Teleportation devices

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  • The teleport mage's hand may grow warm during teleportation.[16]
  • One practicing teleportation may be called teleportologist as evidenced by Teleportologist Fozlebub.
  • There are mole machines in-game that function like a teleportation device.
  • The use of portals and teleportations can cause nausea, stomach aches and vomiting depending on whether the user is accustomed to using them.[17][18]
    • To feel less nauseous on the other side, when going through a portal, it is advised to close eyes.[19]
  • There's a book about teleportation titled A Treatise on the Nature of Teleportation.[20]

Warcraft film universe

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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

Medivh preparing to complete a teleportation spell

Teleportation is the magical art of near-instantaneously transporting matter from one place to another. The art may be related to portal magic.

Teleportation is not taught by the Kirin Tor, possibly due to its inherent danger.[21] Despite this, the Guardian Medivh is well-versed in its use, presumably having learned the art in the years following his formal training in Dalaran.


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Teleportation appears to require first magically defining the area in which the spell is to take effect. This is achieved through runic markings, typically placed on the ground beneath the target area. The runes can be marked using mundane materials, even charcoal.[22] For smaller areas, powerful mages can create the teleportation circle with a simple wave of their hand.[23]

Once the circle is complete, the mage speaks an incantation to start the spell, and gathers the strands of magic in their hand, as if taking the reins of a horse.[24] The magic forms a dome, bubble or sphere over the target area, crackling with the blue-white light of arcane energy. Once the mage completes the spell, the subjects almost instantly travel to the target destination, although it may take a moment to adjust to the new location.[21]


Khadgar preparing to teleport himself and Lothar to Karazhan

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Medivh used teleportation to swiftly transport himself, Khadgar and Anduin Lothar from Karazhan to Stormwind, following his being summoned by the King Llane. He first etched runic symbols at each of the four compass points, and drew a circle in the earth with the end of his staff. Gathering the luminous strands in his hand, he delicately drew up the magic until he held it over his head, and then brought his arm down with a swift, precise movement, causing the strands to leap and join into a crackling dome, illuminating the area with a bright blue glow.[21] Once Khadgar and Lothar stepped into the circle, Medivh completed the spell, startling the guards in the Stormwind throne room into which the three suddenly appeared.

Khadgar creating a teleportation circle for Medivh's golem

Medivh later used teleportation to send his daughter Garona Halforcen back to Stormwind, to be with the grieving Lothar following the death of his son Callan. He created the circle with an effortless movement of his hands, perhaps due to his recent bathing in Karazhan's magical font. Once Garona stepped into the circle, the spell activated itself without command, although this may have been triggered by the gift of a flower crafted of magical energy, given to her by Medivh, which she accepted from him.[23]

Despite not knowing of the magic until his first encounter with Medivh, Khadgar seems to learn the art quickly, making use of it a short while later to teleport himself and Lothar to Karazhan to defeat the possessed Guardian, drawing on the prison floor with a piece of burned wood from a brazier. Once in the tower, Khadgar creates another circle to teleport Medivh's golem, bringing an end to the Guardian's life.

Film universe notes

  • Medivh claims teleportation is not taught by the Kirin Tor because they fear it, and says that they should since it is very dangerous.[21]
  • Anduin Lothar appears to dislike traveling by teleportation and can be seen just before the spell completes clenching his fists and scrunching up his face, apparently to brace himself for the spell's effects.[22]

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