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Teleportation is the second most famous use of arcane magic school called transmutation.[1] It is taught by the mages of Kirin Tor in Dalaran. Magi use their knowledge of the arcane to bend the fabric of reality to circumvent the distance between two points. Teleportation is an internal effort that transforms the mage into a portal.[2] [Blink] is the most basic teleportation spell. The Kirin Tor designates specific destinations for teleportation spells to prevent mages from accidentally teleporting into other objects or people.[1]

Portals are suitable for moving a handful of individuals easily, but not usually stable enough for moving whole armies.[3] However, Jaina Proudmoore is a skilled transmuter, and has developed a powerful variation of the mass-teleport spell capable of moving a significant portion of an army with minimal effort.[1] She used this during the Battle for the Undercity to teleport Varian Wrynn and his soldiers from the Undercity. Typically, large, stable portals require a person channeling and maintaining it on the other side.

People cannot enter portals at the same time when going in opposite directions,[4] but can enter portals in up to twos or threes going in the same direction.[5]

After the final confrontation between the heroes of Azeroth and Kil'jaeden aboard his command ship in the Nether and near the planet Argus, Khadgar teleported the heroes to Azsuna only after Illidan Stormrage opened a rift that made Azeroth appear.

Known instances


Teleportation devices

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  • One practicing teleportation may be called teleportologist as evidenced by Teleportologist Fozlebub.
  • There are mole machines in-game that function like a teleportation device.
  • To feel less nauseous on the other side, when going through a portal, it is advised to close eyes.[7]
  • There's a book about teleportation titled A Treatise on the Nature of Teleportation.[8]

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