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Garrison Blueprints
Blueprint Building type Price Notes
 [Book of Garrison Blueprints] All 5g Teaches all level 1 blueprints (excluding Salvage Yard)
 [Alchemy Lab, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Shocking Assistance
H [90] Avenge and Reclaim
 [Alchemy Lab, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Alchemy Lab, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Enchanter's Study, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Oru'kai's Staff
H [90] Oru'kai's Scepter
 [Enchanter's Study, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Enchanter's Study, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Engineering Works, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Snatch 'n' Grab
H [90] Big Frostfire Gun
 [Engineering Works, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Engineering Works, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Gem Boutique, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Restoration
H [90] Diamonds Are Forever
 [Gem Boutique, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Gem Boutique, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Salvage Yard, Level 1] Small 150g Also reward from N [97] Flame On
 [Salvage Yard, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Salvage Yard, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Salvaging Pays Off]
 [Scribe's Quarters, Level 1] Small Free A [90] The Power of Preservation
H [90] Stealing the Declaration
 [Scribe's Quarters, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Scribe's Quarters, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Storehouse, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Storehouse, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Got My Mind On My Draenor Money]
 [Tailoring Emporium, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Hexcloth
H [90] Dyed in the Fur
 [Tailoring Emporium, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Tailoring Emporium, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [The Forge, Level 1] Small Free A [93] Father and Son
H [90] Mending A Broken Heart
 [The Forge, Level 2] Small 750g
 [The Forge, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [The Tannery, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Fair Trade
H [90] Cut 'Em Out!
 [The Tannery, Level 2] Small 750g
 [The Tannery, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Barn, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Barn, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [Master Trapper]
 [Frostwall Tavern, Level 2]
 [Lunarfall Inn, Level 2]
Medium 1,000g
 [Frostwall Tavern, Level 3]
 [Lunarfall Inn, Level 3]
Medium 1,000g [Stay Awhile and Listen]
 [Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [The Bone Collector]
 [Lumber Mill, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Lumber Mill, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [Upgrading the Mill]
 [Trading Post, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Trading Post, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [Savage Friends]
 [Barracks, Level 1] Large Free
 [Barracks, Level 2] Large 1,500g
 [Barracks, Level 3] Large 1,000g [Patrolling Draenor]
 [Dwarven Bunker, Level 2]
 [War Mill, Level 2]
Large 1,500g
 [Dwarven Bunker, Level 3]
 [War Mill, Level 3]
Large 1,000g [Filling the Ranks]
 [Gnomish Gearworks, Level 2]
 [Goblin Workshop, Level 2]
Large 1,500g
 [Gnomish Gearworks, Level 3]
 [Goblin Workshop, Level 3]
Large 1,000g [Terrific Technology]
 [Mage Tower, Level 2]
 [Spirit Lodge, Level 2]
Large 1,500g
 [Mage Tower, Level 3]
 [Spirit Lodge, Level 3]
Large 1,000g [Finding Your Waystones]
 [Stables, Level 2] Large 1,500g
 [Stables, Level 3] Large 1,000g [Master of Mounts]
 [Fishing Shack] Other Free N Fishing [90] Fish Fight
 [Fishing Shack, Level 2] Other 1,000g
 [Fishing Shack, Level 3] Other 1,000g [Draenor Angler]
 [Frostwall Mines, Level 2]
 [Lunarfall Excavation, Level 2]
Other 1,000g
 [Frostwall Mines, Level 3]
 [Lunarfall Excavation, Level 3]
Other 1,000g [Draenic Stone Collector]
 [Herb Garden, Level 2] Other 1,000g
 [Herb Garden, Level 3] Other 1,000g [Draenic Seed Collector]
 [Menagerie, Level 2] Other 1,000g
 [Menagerie, Level 3] Other 1,000g [Draenic Pet Battler]