This template is a simple shortcut for displaying the 12 playable classes' icons and (optionally) a link to the relevant article or some other formatted text.

{{Class|<class>|<Formatted text or options>}}

The class parameter accepts many options outside of what the eleven classes are called in-game such as abbreviations and common misspellings.

The second parameter can be either any formatted text (try to include a link), or the string 'notext' to not display any text at all, just the two icons. (See also {{ClassIcon}} for an easier means of just showing the icon}})

Regular examples
{{class|<Death Knight>}} ClassIcon deathknight.png Death knight {{class|<Demon Hunter>}} ClassIcon demon hunter.png Demon hunter
{{class|<Druid>}} ClassIcon druid.png Druid {{class|<Hunter>}} ClassIcon hunter.png Hunter
{{class|<Mage>}} ClassIcon mage.png Mage {{class|<Monk>}} ClassIcon monk.png Monk
{{class|<Paladin>}} ClassIcon paladin.png Paladin {{class|<Priest>}} ClassIcon priest.png Priest
{{class|<Rogue>}} ClassIcon rogue.png Rogue {{class|<Shaman>}} ClassIcon shaman.png Shaman
{{class|<Warlock>}} ClassIcon warlock.png Warlock {{class|<Warrior>}} ClassIcon warrior.png Warrior
Notext examples
ClassIcon deathknight.png ClassIcon demon hunter.png ClassIcon druid.png ClassIcon hunter.png ClassIcon mage.png ClassIcon monk.png ClassIcon paladin.png ClassIcon priest.png ClassIcon rogue.png ClassIcon shaman.png ClassIcon warlock.png ClassIcon warrior.png
Alternate text examples
{{class|<DK>|[[Death knight sets|Death knight]]}} ClassIcon deathknight.png Death knight
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