Use this at the top of articles on subjects that are no longer in the main game, but exist on the Classic servers. It places the article in a category such as Category:Removed in patch 4.0.3a, depending on what patch is given; if no patch is given, places the article in Category:Removed from World of Warcraft.

This template should appear on all classic realm articles.

Note: This template defines certain variables for use by other templates. It always adds the classic variable, defining it as classic, tbc, or wotlk. It also adds the removed variable unless "unique=" is used.


Parameters allow for:

  • patch= - first unnamed and optional named parameter
  • replacement= - optional named parameter, name of the page that replaces this subject on the retail realms
  • unique= - optional named parameter, if the subject was added exclusively in the Classic server (never existed in retail) e.g.  [Reawakened Phase-Hunter]
  • doc= - optional named parameter, suppresses category inclusion

Classic options:

  • tbc= - display BC Classic information instead


Classic Era

  • {{Classic only}}
  • {{Classic only|<8.3.0>|<replacement=API C_AuctionHouse.ReplicateItems>}}
  • {{Classic only|<unique=>}}

BC Classic

  • {{Classic only|<tbc=>}}
  • {{Classic only|<tbc=>|<8.3.0>|<replacement=API C_AuctionHouse.ReplicateItems>}}
  • {{Classic only|<tbc=>|<unique=>}}

WotLK Classic

  • {{Classic only|<wotlk=>}}
  • {{Classic only|<wotlk=>|<8.3.0>|<replacement=API C_AuctionHouse.ReplicateItems>}}
  • {{Classic only|<wotlk=>|<unique=>}}